What happened to truth?

We have a constitution and the very first amendment is, well, The First Amendment. It is arguably the most important because without that freedom of the press and expression, a rogue political official (TRUMP?) can trample all the rest.

I find it strange how one faction can be so up in arms over an amendment that is not even under attack (2nd Amendment) yet remain unconcerned with the fate of the First Amendment.  Are they no equal legally?  If you lose the first, will the others be far behind including your 2nd and so on?

Some points to ponder from the news.

  • Trump says media is "Enemy of the American People"  USA Today, NY Times
    ( Nikita Khruschchev banned that phrase! )
  • Trump team ponders a White house with no press corps.  NY Daily News.
  • Trump teams threatens reporters with "investigation" if they report negative news on Sessions. Daily Kos
  • White house selectively bans news from press briefings at White House. Washington Post
  • Kellyann (alternative-facts) Conway, Bar files complaint for lying on behalf of Trump administration. Law News

Yes there is more, much more and it continues as I write. But the real problem is not media it is lies and the fact that real journalists will continue to expose those lies whenever they exit this administration. The GOP seems content with this for obvious reasons, it plays into their wheelhouse of keeping people angry and uninformed.

The media itself has to accept a piece of blame in this.  Sometimes they do get it wrong as do we all, but it is incumbent on the media to correct itself. Some do a better job of others. Sadly the outlet that seems the most "factually challenged", FoxNews is the darling of the right. 

The more you report actual facts the greater the chances of being attacked by this administration.

Trump and his team are using a couple of well worn tactics. (Hitler used them as do all dictators) First, discredit the news.

He then threatens directly or indirectly to use his authority to punish those who's reporting is not to his liking. Banning, threatening to "investigate" reporters etc.

When his henchmen ban a reporter from a press briefing one can assume that reporter must have reported a fact that reflects badly on Trump. Wear that as a badge of honour.  But for those who remain one must ask, are they accepting Trumps terms?  Can we trust those who choose to remain?

The goal is or should be obvious, rebuild a media that will do and say as they are told.  We call this version of our press corps "Pravda" if I can borrow a name from Trumps favoured nation.

Media can fight back and MUST fight back.  If one reporter is banned all should walk out.  Sure, Trump may prefer to talk to no media directly but the alternative is to have him talking to only "His" media leaving us with only propaganda, not news.

Media can be more selective in repeating and honoring every word coming from this administration. Fact check first then report the actual facts at the same time his often inaccurate utterances are published. Don't let his words get a jump on the facts as you did during the campaign. ( Yes YOU guys helped put him there )

Let's get media to stand as one in support of the First Amendment, the People's right to know and most importantly Facts and Truth.

Truth is Trump's Kryptonite, hold it close to his face!

Additional thoughts:  Can we trust what comes from a president when he seeks to eliminate from briefings those he believes will tell the truth or not ask the hard questions?  This demonstrates two things to me. 1) He intends to mislead the American People and 2) He does not want to be challenged on any point.

Can we trust those journalists reporting if they choose to accept Trump's terms in order to remain in these briefings? I'm not sure but in time those who remain will either tell the truth and be banned or report the lie and damage their own credibility.



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