Trump demands loyalty to attend meeting

Trump booked a 1,400 seat venue in Vermont for a campaign event.  

Trump passed out 20,000 tickets to attend that event. This of course caused a lot of safety concerns among law enforcement, expeting huge crowds waiting with tickets in hand when only a fraction would be admitted. Less than one in ten of those tickets would be honored.

" least 6,500 people had told the campaign as of Monday that they wanted to attend..." Far less than the 20,000 tickets but still far more than could expect to get in. 1

He would only allow those who signed a pledge to vote for him to attend, meaning he only wanted to "convince" those who were already supporters?  I thought one purpose of a political rally was to encourage new supporters but it seems Trump is content talking only to those he no longer needs to convince.

Of course this was a private event at a private venue so he can do what he wants, but does it seem strange to anyone else that excluding those people you may want to sway to your position is a good way to accomplish that?  I would think the effect would be opposite.

"When Trump polled the crowd to see if they liked him, many in the audience booed..."



When it was evident some who got in were not supporters Trump had them thrown out.  Sure way to gain support...right?

This reminds me of the George Bush "free speech" sections where anyone opposing him was required to stay outside the main event. Seems the notion of free speech is lost on GOP candidates when it involves hearing anyone who does not agree with you. 2  Is this what GOP candidates really think of the First Amendment?  (It is, you know, before the 2nd Amendment and is the tool used to protect all the rest of the Constitution!)

The ACLU said it had seen a significant spike in such incidents under the Bush Administration, prompting it to charge officials with a ""pattern and practice"" of discrimination against those who disagree with government policies.

This took place when Bush was actually president...what would Trump do to anyone who does not fall in line with his ideas?

What an ego! What a danger! -->






He is one of "those" who's message includes "If you like your health care, you cannot keep your healthcare"


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