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Trump's Ignorance on Display

Sunday June 12th will live along side such tragic events as Sandy Hook, Charleston Church Killings, Oklahoma Federal Building bombing and others.  One in a string of home grown terror attacks involving native born American citizens.

While the media's ignorance claims this to be the largest mass killing in America they ignore nearly 150 Sioux massacred on December 29,1890. Half of those victims were women and children.

A common thread is always hate.  Hate "niggers"  Kill some. Hate gays, kill some, hate hate hate.  It does not matter if the hater is a Christian or a Muslim, hate is hate.

Another common thread seems to be the use of legally purchased assault weapons. Strange not one of the dead was saved by having one in their possession when shot.

Now comes Orlando.  Trump of course, has already made the personal decision to brand this as Islamic Terror though there is still no proof of that.  He is renewing his call to ban Muslims from coming to America, ignoring the fact that both the San Bernardino and the Orlando shooters where native born Americans.  

These were both hate crimes.  Sundays was driven by a hate of gays. We may never know the mind of the shooter, that is unless we ask Donald Trump to enlighten us about his private thoughts.  The Donald knows all.  right?

Of course according to Trump, this is all Obama's fault.  Presumably the President should have had a heart to heart talk with the shooter before hand to encourage him to self deport to a nation he never knew. Trump has never indicated any talent for common sense.

We see this over and over from "The Donald".  Talk talk talk, never with substance and never with any solutions other than who he thinks is to blame.

I find it sad that so many fellow Americans are so hypnotized by such ignorant rhetoric from a man with zero experience relative to the position he seeks to purchase.  It says something that his highest ratings are among the poorest educated.

Who really likes Trump?

Washington Post story reported that 75 percent of women have an unfavorable opinion of Trump. So do nearly 67 percent of independents, 80 percent of young adults, 85 percent of Hispanics and nearly half of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents.

“We were surprised at how many people like Donald Trump,” Truly Malarkey, president of Malarkey Research, said. “But, frankly, these aren’t the kind of people you’d want to invite to your house for dinner.”  Huffington Post

It seems Trump supporters are made from the loudest, most obnoxious citizens who closely match Trumps personality. Loud, self centered, "me first" and mostly ignorant of any facts about policy.  Trump is the presumptive equal of the lowest class.  He seems proud to be the leader of the "uneducated". He certainly is not in any intellectual position to enlighten them....assuming he would anyway.

It scares me the type of people Trump is courting in his bid ( I do mean BID in a financial sense ) to obtain the seat at the head of the table. 

Can we really afford to have as the world leader, a man who regularly lies, ignores facts, tweets insults and generally hates everyone? If we were to ask those less educated, mostly bigoted potential and actual supporters, this is what "real" America needs to be great.


Paul Ryan will support disaster rather than sanity

I don't think so.

So to Hillary, stay away from Trump's tweets unless you hire a teenager proficient in Social Media put downs.  He is still a child mentally so you can not compete with a twit in a Twitter war of meaningless words.

We have to hope the American voters will be wise enough to see Trump for what he is. An opportunist with money, an ego and a desire to put the ultimate notch in his belt.

Voter Beware!  http://yourfuture.us



PS. We can only hope Trump has a private, secret plan to destroy the GOP and is succeeding quite well. In which case when this is revealed I will salute him as a genius.  That will be the only way he can redeem himself.