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Who is Vladimir Putin

In 1975, Putin began his career in the KGB as an intelligence officer. Stationed mainly in East Germany, he held that position until 1990, retiring with the rank of lieutenant colonel.

March 4, 2012, Vladimir Putin was re-elected to his third term as president. After widespread protests and allegations of electoral fraud, he was inaugurated on May 7, 2012

Putin upset many people with his new anti-gay laws. He made it illegal for gay couples to adopt in Russia.

Months prior to the 2016 U.S. presidential election, multiple U.S. intelligence agencies unilaterally agreed that Russian intelligence was behind the email hacks of the Democratic National Committee in an effort to promote Donald Trump's election.

Putin denied this attack on our elections and President Trump generally seemed to favor the word of his Russian counterpart over our own $80 billion a year intellegence services.

An Orthodox Christian, Putin is said to attend church services on important dates and holidays on a regular basis and has had a long history of encouraging the construction and restoration of thousands of churches in the region. He generally aims to unify all faiths under the government's authority and legally requires religious organizations to register with local officials for approval.



Is Trump Putin's puppet?

The above are just some bits and pieces taken from online resources. See links below or consider one or both of the excellent books above to learn who our adversary and Trump's "buddy" really is and what his intentions toward America is.

Just to mention in light of Marina Butina and the NRA...there are virtually NO GUN RIGHTS in Russia.

All legal firearms in Russia must be registered with the government and owners subject to random home inspections.  The US does not register firearms.

A russian newspaper in English is outdated in this respect as they mention Marina Butina they don't mention she is in US Custody admitted of using the gun rights movement as a ploy to manipulate Republican politicians. CLICK

An unofficial biography can be read here.