Joe voter for Democracy

Democracy under attack...and it's an inside job.


The most recent debacle (Helsinki) has the most potential to create a national security emergency.  That this is the case, is in no dispute by anyone other than Trump himself.

How can we trust our own president to protect our nation when the crisis we face was his deliberate doing?  Putin's wish list is being filled by the day by Trump, encouraged by a GOP led congress many of whom seem willing to go along for reasons unrelated to America's best interest.

Might Putin actually succeed in dismantling our democracy from the inside using our own system by the artful infiltration of every level of our government?  What did the two hatch up in their secret meeting and why was it so secret in the first place unless you each had something to hide from your own citizens?

Trump and Putin are quite happy to see that this will, so far, be accepted by an emasculated GOP. At what point does this become irreversible?  When we finally have a one party system like Russia? When the only people with any power are our own set of oligarchs?  When we find ourselves with only our own version of Pravda (Fox?) to spread propaganda, other news blacked out by a complicit FCC chair? When our elections system is so rigged against the people that voting is a mere formality to rubber stamp a predetermined outcome?

The next question, how can we trust Congress to step in to protect us when a large number of it's members have their collective heads in the sand?  Will it come out in questioning Marina Butina, that a list of GOP lawmakers was compromised through the back door use of the NRA? Perhaps the prosecutors already have this list.

Given lawmaker's oaths to protect American from foreign adversaries how could even one true American in public office, regardless of political affiliation, think it okay to halt to an investigation to discover facts related to foreign meddling, not just in elections but also in other matters of diplomacy and foreign relations?  What is it they desperately want to hide from the American people?

We have three branches of government to protect our nation.  Two of those are already compromised and the third, the Supreme Court, is about to be stacked by the very people aiding and abetting both a cover up and possible treason by our own president. When this administration is done will it finally be "game over" for democracy and freedom?

Our first and perhaps last chance to set this trend back is to remove enough GOP lawmakers next few election cycles to make their support of treason impotent.