Joe voter for Democracy

Enter America's State Sponsored Media

We thought "only in Russia, or China, or North Korea" but now coming to a local TV or radio station near you, State Sponsored Media.

Well not exactly but it might as well be.  With one of Trump's former insiders providing right wing content and the station owners (who are not local) providing mandatory instructions to air certain right wing content, we know what the agenda is.

Again the Trump appointed FCC Chair is gearing up to remove any resistance to politically motivated content on small local networks nation wide.  Sinclair Media has sought to buy up Tribune Media's broadcasting networks.  Under current rules no single company is permitted to own more than xx% of the media outlets in the US. 

On the plus side both Democrats and Republicans seem to recognize the peril this represents to Democracy and some are talking in a bipartisan way about how to prevent this kind of media takeover from taking place. 

Let's hope they work quickly and thoroughly to patch the mess being made by an lobbyist for the industry sitting at the head of the FCC.