Joe voter for Democracy

March 7th.  Some updates:

Many questions remain. First on my mind is to ask, regarding the Mueller Investigation and certain members of Congress.  If you have nothing to hide, why would you want this to go away?

Sure you're lips are firmly affixed to Trumps posterior but really, is his ass sweater then the collective good of all of America or of the Democracy you swore to protect?

If an FBI investigates there is always some very good reason to do so.  Let them do their jobs and remember separation of powers.

One and only one question I would ask. If you have nothing to lose and nothing to hide why would you not want the truth to be known?


Many of Trumps people have been fired or are defecting.  How much of this has to do with covering their own asses?  We've see some already plead guilty to criminal charges arrising from the investigation then "turn state's evidence" to cooperate in exchange for a deal.  Mueller is no fool. He's really after the big fish.  That may or may not be Trump himself, but then that's the very reason for the investigation. 

I predict, eventually Trump, Trump Jr, and Kushner will spend time in prison for something uncovered by this investigation. It could be fraud, money laundering with Russia, conspiracy to defraud the United States, perhaps even treason. Kushner may also be in deep-doo-doo in New York State & Maryland (so far) and Trump can't help (pardon) there. Right now the SEC is investigating Kushner.

People with nothing to hide have nothing to fear other than perhaps some discomfort and inconvenience at being questioned by Mueller and his grand jury. If someone is putting forth some positive effort to squelch the investigation, my thought is to add them to the list to investigate. They must have something they don't want known or they would not oppose the truth...what ever that truth may be. I assume these people fear the result for some reason.

Another fear may be haunting some who played both sides of the fence.  Assassinations.  The Kremlin is well known to kill those who cross Putin.

Watch for some being investigated to seek FBI witness protection in the future.


Hillary Emails and Russian meddling:  As a thinking person would you believe the Putin's people would hack Hillary's or the Dem's emails but not also hack GOP and Trump emails?  Of course they did that!

Hillary's because Putin hates and fears her and wanted to help Trump win. Trump email hacks to collect compromat to be used to manipulate Trump if he won the election. Having already outed anything he could get on Hillary, which in the final analysis was basically nothing, he had nothing to use against her if she won.

Now that Trump is in the White House and has refused to implement sanctions for meddling and to pull back on Obama's sanctions related to Russian invasion in the Ukraine etc. One was to wonder if this is payback for the "help" or is Trump being blackmailed buy Putin? ( or both )

We saw how Putin made it clear to Trump he did not want Romney as Secretary of State ( who said Russia was our greatest threat )  but was quite pleased to have his old buddy Tillerson appointed to that position.  Tillerson is now dismantling the State Department, ( per Putin's request? )


Trump Dossier download HERE PDF

The initial dossier was branded a hoax by the right ( of course ) and in the lease as unverified. But revelations of the Mueller investigation are starting to expose more and more of this report as factual information.  Steele, the author of this dossier, is no stranger to the FBI even before this report.  Steele was a member of Brittian's MI6 intelligence agency and their formost expert on Russian intellegence.  Steele had worked with the FBI on other occasions in the past. He was trusted and respected by his FBI contacts as were his source.

Steele is not a hack. The fact that he undertook this investigation for pay for the Democratic party in the runup to the 2016 elections is overshadowed by the fact that what Steele uncovered prompted him to contact the FBI about these allegations before ever making them known to his employer (Fusion Research) at the time.

Some current GOP members of congress are trying to discredit the FBI as biased toward Hillary in the election but I find this hard to swollow for a couple of reasons. Comey, then director, is a Republican appointed by Bush. Comey on two occasion held press briefings on his Hillary email investigations (something the FBI never does) which had a negative impact on her campaign. At the same time he knew of this dossier and the allegations against Trump...which he remained silent about.  If anything, Comey's actions favored Trump...for which he got fired.

Google will help you find current status of the investigation and what has and has not yet been verified re. the Steele-Trump Dossier.



Does all of this (tip of the iceberg ) send a chill down your spine?  It does mine.