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Putin's oligarchs funneled millions to GOP.

The amounts reported vary between $7 and & 16 million in round numbers.

News outlets are reporting of millions of dollars entering the campaigns of a number of Republican Campaigns. Among those receiving help from Russia's oligarchs are:

  • Sens. Mitch McConnell  UPDATE *1
  • Marco Rubio
  • Lindsey Graham


Of recent note Lindsey Graham decided to write a letter to complain that the FBI was too harsh on Roger Stone in his arrest. FBI of course wanted to be sure Stone had no opportunity to destroy any evidence by letting him know in advance they were going to arrest him. Pretty standard.

If part of what Stone knows could tie the likes of Graham, McConnell, Rubio to Russian money they could go down with Trump when the shit hits the it will! The FBI still trying to do what it is supposed to do did not want to lose valuable evidence. Contrary to Graham's "concerns" about treatment of a non-violent offender, it had nothing to do with his lack of violence it had to do with preserving evidence.

Many other GOP candidates probably got Russian money indirectly through the NRA  (also) which may well be in the middle of a money laundering scheme designed by and for the Kremlin and Putin's national interests.  Worth noting the Treasury Department under Trump changed the rules such that the souce of money going to NRA and similiar organations can be kept secret.  Hmmmm wonder why?

Whether or not these candidates knew of the source is not provable however it would be in the best interest of the Kremlin if they DID know of their help simply because buying a candidate is poinless unless that candidate knows to whoe they owe favors. Also knowing they have taken illegal money provides Russia with leverage over those candidates. 

What would they do with that leverage?  Hinder the Mueller investigation of course. And in the first two years they have gone out of their way to keep the American people and our own national security people in the dark about the what-when-where-how of the Russian manipulation of our elections.

Credit to Rubio for being a hold out voting to keep sanctions on Deripaska which failed to pass by two senate votes.

Cudos to the Republican senators voted with Democrats to keep sanctions in place.

Collins, Hawley, John Boozman, Tom Cotton, Steve Daines, Cory Gardner, John Kennedy, Martha McSally, Marco Rubio, Ben Sasse, Jerry Moran

Things are still shaking out.

Mueller may have the first draft of his report in hand, holding out to tie loose ends. He may be or may have already issued sealed indictments on a number of BIG FISH in this probe, waiting until the right moment to pounce. I think key among likely charges will be levied against D. Trump Jr, J. Kusnher, and perhaps WikiLeaks and Julian Assange (who lives in exile out of reach for now) and most notablye President Trump himself.

In the end I predict that many GOP members of Congress will be implicated in the Russian influence scandal. Some may be forced to resign. The Party my face a real defeat and lose the confidence of all but die hard supporters who really don't care about anything but winning at all cost, including selling our America to a hostil power.

If this does pan out look for the root cause to be greed. American has it's own cadre of billionair oligarchs who already funnel millions mosty into Republican campaigns in an effort ( largely successful ) to steer government to serve their interests above the American citizen.

I'd love to be proven wrong... I fear that will not happen.

Update: McConnell hands in the till?  Corruption? Overturned sanctions for political gain?

This article was first published a year ago. To me given the helpful assistance the entire Republican establishment was providing Trump in his efforts to cover up everything he left in his wake, I concluded that no moral or ethical politician left or right could condone those actions. The next logical conclusion was that on there right, after the loss of John McCain not one moral person was left standing in the GOP.

Why would they conspire to cover up the Russian attack on our democracy? Why would they band together to help cover this up or at least try to tell the American people..."nothing to see here...move along"?

Two things motivate here. Power and Money. Ethics and morals are not motivating factors any longer.

We saw initial evidence simply in their behavior. Now we are seeing actual documented evidence of how outside influncers have taken over the GOP for purposes of control and profit.  McConnell was an obvious and perhaps easy target for influence...easily corrupted by both power and money to the point he is willing to sacrifice American instests for his own self serving interests.

"...none of these really take full account of McConnell’s need to succeed, driven by weak-kneed cowardice and inadequacy."
  Excellent piece by DailyKos many current GOP lawmakers will go down in history as traitors to the American People and to our Democratic Republic?

The list is growing.



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