Joe voter for Democracy

GOP End Game, Obliterate Democracy?


Let’s start with a list of few knowns.


  • Russia, an authoritarian regime, meddled in our elections and continues to do so with cyber warfare.

  • Both Trump and the GOP benefit from this ongoing invasion by a foreign power.

  • Trump fired and has never replaced the person responsible for coordinating our cyber defense.

  • Trump backed Putin over our own intelligence communities in public in Helsinki.

  • An investigation is under way to find the facts of the above.

  • Trump is doing all things possible to squash any investigations to insulate himself personally from any liability which may arise.

  • Trump has fired or otherwise attacked anyone who has dared criticize him including top officials in our own law enforcement and intelligence communities in order to protect his own personal self interests.

  • The GOP led congress is aiding and abetting Trump’s attempts to thwart investigations into Russian meddling including threats to impeach Deputy Attorney General to pave way to halt inquiries into Russian meddling on behalf of GOP and Trump.

  • Trump has chosen a SCOTUS nominee he believes will render himself and future presidents immune from our laws while in power.

  • The GOP has done it’s best to rush this nominee to the bench credible evidence he is not fit to server.

  • Trump once ordered and may still fire Mueller in attempt to protect his own interests.

  • The GOP receives far larger percentage of it’s campaign backing from the wealthiest sectors of our population. This may include illegal funds funneled to the GOP by way of the NRA etc.

  • When it was disclosed that the NRA may have been used to launder money from Russia into the Trump campaign, the administration changed the rules so organizations like the NRA no longer had to disclose its donor source.

The above constitute the prime points but there are many incremental points between and related to the above...too many to list here, and growing by the day.

The question remains why all of this?

Trump himself may be the tool of both Putin and the GOP establishment for a more sinister purpose.

The hidden agenda: elimination of democracy as we have known it to make way for a Russian-style oligarchy where only the uber-wealthy hold power in America.

America has always been the defender and the example of freedom and democracy for the world. We have our faults and we have not always acted in honorable ways but our over all image in the world remained positive for most of our existence as a strong republic. Putin hated us for this very reason because we were always a wall of liberty protecting our friends and allies from authoritarian rule.

Putin hated Hillary Clinton and liberals because they represented a threat to his expansionist desires.

Trump, despite what his base will claim, is and has been an asset cultivated by Putin for years. Because Trump’s shady business practices of borrowing from banks, building properties then stiffing those banks and his contractors through the abuse of our bankruptcy laws, US banks would no longer loan him money to expand.

Russia became Trump's go-to funding source.

Some of the ideal traits of any potential asset for recruitment by Putin (Former KGB) are greed, debt, ego, and perversions that asset wishes to keep private.

While I seriously doubt Putin actually thought Trump would ever be elected president, I do believe Trump was an asset as a conduit for money laundering in the US via real estate and perhaps other avenues. A shell corporation with offices in unit 63A at Trump Tower was a cover a Russian organized crime operation to launder money on our soil. Several high profile Russian interests also rented space in that tower. Trump was no stranger to Russian interests legal or otherwise.

Trumps ascension to our highest office was a windfall for Putin and his authoritarian ambitions. When it became evident this was possible, Russia pulled out all the stops to illegally tamper in our democracy on behalf, not just of Trump, but also on behalf of the Republican party. With two branches of government firmly in control, they became able to stock our courts with political allies more pliable to the right wing agenda, further consolidating their power.

Checks and balances were being systematically disassembled by the GOP with Trump as their tool and their best distraction yet.

That the current GOP structure appears to have no concern over the actions from the White House signals to me that they feel their positions of power are secure. They believe they have the full support of the eventual oligarchs who will be the ultimate winners. Any political opposition rendered impotent going forward.

To further assure their victory over democracy and freedom, they are passing laws and eliminating protections to increasingly disenfranchise opposition voters through voter suppression laws and run-amok gerrymandering.

As this progresses to the point they control sufficient state governments to convene a continental congress, not one word of our current constitution will remain safe from tampering. With courts already stocked with their own compliant judges, the last check and balance on run-away power is gone.

A clue to their belief structure may be seen in their worship of “Founding Fathers” who wrote our constitution. Few understand that in many ways, despite honorable intent by our forefathers, or beginnings were very much like an oligarchy. Basically only wealthy landowning white men were granted the vote. People of color could be owned as property, there to serve the financial enrichment of those same wealth citizens. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were the equivalent of our billionaires of today.

It took decades of activism by citizens to gain the right to participate in our own government through various amendments extending the right to vote to every citizen.

As civilization advanced, running for public office became more technical and more expensive. It was a game for the wealth or the well backed. Winning became a matter of spending power, not of integrity or qualification.

A few honorable lawmakers tried to rein in campaign spending with legislation (McCain-Feingold) and that provided some relief for awhile.

The real threat to our democracy, I believe, came from a conservative majority in the Supreme Court in the form of the Citizens United decision. Basically no-hold-barred access to politics would be the law of the land with no limits to secret money poring into campaign coffers.

These new “rules” became a conduit for the ultra wealthy and, presumably, foreign powers, to influence our democracy to the advantage of those donors. Since the common man had not had an effective raise in wages for decades even as those at the top accumulated record wealth, only those at the top had any means to purchase public offices.

We used to have an FCC rule called the “Fairness Doctrine” terminate under Republican rule by Reagan. Many believe the demise of this doctrine led to the political polarization and slander campaigning common today.

When Democrats tried to limit foreign contributions in our elections, and hidden contributions by government contractors to candidates, by requiring disclosure of funding sources it was blocked by the GOP each time it was brought to vote.

I am not even claiming that liberal politicians don’t or won’t take a hand out where they can get it. The fact is we have only one sewer through which every candidate must swim to office.

When you look you see that it has always (Since John McCain) been the Democrats who have tried to fix the system against the insurmountable objection of the Republicans.

The pattern, if it has not been made clear yet, is a collection of acts overt and covert coming from the right to move power from the people to a select few, and then to consolidate that power by laws and policies that subvert the will of the people.

The suggested end goal, currently closer than I care to contemplate, is being accelerated by a president with a huge ego, little competence, ample paranoia, and manipulation by wealthy special interests and very likely, Vladimir Putin, all under the watchful but silent and approval eyes of a GOP led congress.

Every office holder in Congress and the White House takes an oath of office, placing the protection of our nation and our constitution from all adversaries foreign and domestic before all other considerations. While the emphasis is on Russia as a “foreign threat”, had we been able to count on our elected representatives to put America first, Russia would not have the opportunity they now have. It is our own President and Congress who represent a real “domestic threat” to our security and our Democracy.

If we don’t restore checks and balances in time, we may lose our last opportunity to thwart an authoritarian take over of America.