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The Trump Papers: Russia's Dossier

In January 2017 The online paper Buzz Feed published what was purported to be a report on Russian influence over Trump. Who did what, when, where and why.

I have a copy in PDF format you can download and read yourself HERE.

Buzz Feed  states up front that these allegations are not verified and contain inaccuracies.  The reader should understand this caveat when reading this document. As a realistic thought exercise, ask yourself if this could explain more recent revelations and Trumps own massive effort to thwart any investigations. Ask why Trump might even inquire about his right to pardon family, friends and himself.  Pardon from what? (See: Is Trump Putin's puppet written prior to the election.)

All the signs indicate that not only is Trump and his family guilty of something criminal, he is in panic mode trying to deflect an investigation to find the truth. So far not many on the right will release their suction hold on Trumps ass to express concern for the nation's security and integrity.

An investigation is exactly what the nation needs at this time.  Yes it might reveal some ugly truth but it would also set us free from what ever grip Putin has on Trump's balls.  By extension, release his hold on our nation's collective nuts at the same time.

This dossier names names and places and dates. That in itself does not verify the accusations but it does provide clues as to where an investigation can start to look. Some may be dead ends.  The only real proof of much of this is held close in the Kremlin and unless they disclose the truth (not likely) we may have reason to believe but no means to verify some of the claims other than on the basis of the reputation of those reporting this.

Hillary is mentioned but it seems as if they really were more interested in having control of Trump than anything else.  There seems to be nothing actually embarrassing in their files about Hillary's behavior as there is regarding Trumps perversions, presumably documented on video.  This could be one reason Putin feared and hated Hillary; he knew he could not manipulate her.  Better to try to help push Trump into power knowing he had a handle on him.

This will play out. It is just a matter of time. Trump may continue to do his best to throw up road blocks but this in itself is a strong indication that he knows what investigators will find and how much damage that will do to him, his family and his empire.  It could lead to impeachment. It could send a lot of people to prison.

We, as a nation, need to know this.  The uncertainty is part of Putin's agenda. He wants to sew dissent, not so much inside the US but within the western alliances of democratic nations.  US as the presumptive leader of this coalition, can also do the most damage. 

It is already being done by Trump with to the great joy of Putin.

Download it.  Read it.  Don't assume that every word is accurate or factual but consider that if even one third is accurate that could be enough to lead to other sources and more verifiable facts.  It is my personal belief that Trump and his cohorts are very guilty of some criminal activity that can and has already had a negative impact on our nation and the free world.  I believe that Trump is operating entirely is panic/self defense mode and that his ability to be an effective president has been compromised by his own fears and obsessions.

His very presence in the oval office presents a danger to our nation's national security.  While I would worry about many civil liberties with a president Pence, at least I don't think he is totally corrupted nor compromised by Russia.  He was not elected and will not bring any popular mandate to the presidency. He will start tenure as a lame duck.  Sadly should he step down over the whole "rigged election" next in line is Paul Ryan, an avowed radical whose intent is the destruction of the American Middle Class.

Other investigations?  Sure but we won't hear of them for now. The CIA had already passed intel to the FBI before the election suggesting an investigation. One can speculate that James Comey held back to protect Trump and the GOP If he had second thoughts that could have been key to his being fired. Unless he says something we may never know. 

This does not mean the CIA whispered in the FBI's ear and dropped the matter.  Their mission is to protect national security. Any suggestion that a sitting president may have been compromised by an unfriendly foreign power would and should guarantee they are putting in a lot of overtime following leads.  Likely without making much effort to keep Trump informed.

Considering the implications to our allies abroad, any nation with an intelligence service (all of them!) will be doing their own digging.  Trump can't hinder them and they won't be making their investigations public.  We should assume they are sharing with our intelligence serves and perhaps trading intel with the DOJ as well.

Even China is likely investigating, primarily because too much of an upset in the West can have serious implications for global trade and stability. What they might share is unknown.  They could play a game similar to Putin and stash juicy bits for their own use. No one with a stake in the status-quo will be sitting on their hand.

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