Joe voter for Democracy

What a mess they make!

The GOP is in behind this mess as they "allow" Trump and McConnell to do the dirty work.  Most recent news is that SNAP will be out of funds for food stamps putting starvation front and center among Americans including working poor, seniors, the disabled and more.  All to threaten and cooerce us all to demand we build a wall no one wants.

The we see a constant flood of potential criminal acts by Trump and his staff leading up to the 2016 elections, pointing to his knowingly and willingly selling our nation out to Russa and Putin for personal gain.

Two and perhaps many more documented cases showing Trump as an "unindicted coconspirator" if at least campaign finance felonies. Being "unindicted" when his accomplice is already on the way to prison means that when he leaves office he too could be on the way to prison for those very same criminal charges.

What if it is found he is under the control of a hostile foreigh power. ( Putin/Russia ) 

We KNOW FOR A FACT they have leverage over him now. How do we know that? Helsinki. Secret meetings with Putin in which Trump destroyed all notes of that meeting and refuses to tell top security officials what was said.  That is leverage in the hands of the Kremlin because they KNOW what was discussed and I am sure they not only kept their notes, they most likely recorded every word.  If what was discussed was so bad for America that Trump did his best to conceal those discussions and Putin has that discussion on record that gives them a direct hold on Trump's balls.

What sickens me is that the GOP seems unconcerned about a compromised president which leads me to fear an even worse compromise in American government. 

An entire political party in the service of a foreign power.

Would an political party who truly had America's best interest first in their heart permit any of this to continue? No, they also have some hidden agenda that is pro-GOP but anti-USA.

Russia is ruled by oligarcs and Putin. US politics, in particular the GOP is owned by our own brand of oligarcs, wealthy corporations and billionairs. ( Read this article by a retired GOP insider )

This is not new as our politicians have been for sale for decades...both parties. But moves to curtail this "auction" of American policy by the left have always met with roadblocks from the GOP who are totally committed to absolute power for their wealthy owners.

Here is where the NRA comes into the picture. In the 2016 election period the NRA suddenly had tons of extra cash to boost Trump and his fellow GOP candidates into office. ( NRA under scrutiny for funneling Russian cash to GOP ) Then as this became a topic of shame for GOP and NRA Trump decided to change rules to allow NRA and others to hide their sources of money!

Things we KNOW to be fact: ( there are more...)

  • Russia did meddle in US elections.
  • Trump did lie about doing business with Russia.
  • Certain GOP candidates did seek help from Russia (a crime)
  • Trump is currently using his office for personal profit. ( in violation of US Constitution )
  • Trump did hide his conversations with a hostile foreign leader ( Putin, Helsiki )
  • Trump has spoken about destroying NATO, one of Putin's fondest dreams.
  • Trump did order, without any Pentagon input, withdrawal of troops from Syria where Russia has an interest.
  • Trump did know about a secret meeting with Russians in his Trump Tower in NYC.
  • Trump directed his attorney (M.Cohn) to commite felonies.
  • Trump did commit subornation of perjery by directing at least one person to lie to congress.
  • Trump is poised to starve poor Americans by halting food stamps to force his agenda on the public.
  • GOP does not care about any of this...

Conclusion I reach?  The GOP is a criminal enterprise working for America's oligarchs to fully dominate the American government and political system for their own greedy purpose.