Joe voter for Democracy

Conservative Abuse of Power

" manipulation of voters"

By Joe the Voter

The modern political conservative movement is not really about people. It is about wealth and power for a few.

Citizens and their votes are a vehicle to be driven toward the final destination. If the conservative movement arrives and has consolidated power by making any opposition powerless, the people that had been manipulated into helping will be longer of use, their own freedoms in peril going forward.

The tools used to achieve this power grab include many things but the most visible remain a well regulated conservative media and the (Russian infiltrated) NRA and its lesser cousins. They rely on total obedience from their followers. This demand for blindly obeying extends to republican’s in elected office who have been placed there by wealthy donors to do their bidding.

Certain traits of their followers have made them easy marks for this manipulation, chief among them are bigotry hatred and lack of knowledge. You won't find a liberal hate group. You won't find a KKK leader praising a liberal or any progressive who would reject such praise. Many on the right will bow down to hate groups and thank them for their support for the oppression of fellow citizens.

The rally cry on the right is often masked in terms like liberty, freedom or patriotism but that is a petty, disgusting assertion that if you are liberal you reject patriotism, freedom or liberty. The fact is that liberty and freedom are exactly what the progressive movement is all about. Those nations who's citizens enjoy the most freedom are also the most liberal. As you move toward more conservative governments you also move toward fewer freedoms. This is a fact you can study yourself, not a myth.

Conservatives have a dim view of liberty or freedom if the rights everyone is entitled to are extended to any group of Americans they do not agree with. Conservatives are fine with limiting or removing liberty and freedom from anyone outside their circle of "approved" Americans. This is not freedom and surely not democratic, this is very much opposed to individual liberty.

Many on both sides proclaim "I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it." We have cemeteries full of brave Americans who gave their lives to protect that assertion. Somehow the import of this saying is often lost on the right.

An example is the outrage often expressed by the right over LGBT rights. Those Americans are afforded the same constitutional liberties as anyone else but nothing suggests that anyone who is not gay or lesbian is some how required to marry a same sex partner. Yet many conservatives would deny certain citizens the same constitutional rights they themselves enjoy simply because they don't approve.

We are a secular nation, not a Christian one. We have many Christians who believe government should be obligated to defend their particular beliefs despite a constitutional provision prohibiting that. This does not reflect the attitudes of a true patriot, rather the attitude of an authoritarian. You can be a Christian...I don’t have to. Being progressive respects that. Being conservative often does not.

Some would punish others for exercising their right to protest if they are liberal but see no problem with a conservative protesting.

Only those on the right wish to make voting harder for the poor and minorities. Last I looked the right to vote is guaranteed to all citizens regardless of race, religion or social status. They call it protection against virtually non-existing voter fraud.

A real patriot will declare that rights apply equally to those we do not agree with understanding that supporting someone else lifestyle does not compel us to accept that as our own. The very cornerstone of being progressive is being inclusive. Of not hating and not discriminating against another citizens for their exercise of the exact same rights we exercise. In my opinion, if I may have one, if YOU have a right under the constitution, so does every other citizen without their being under any obligation to be like you.

Bigotry based on sexual orientation, skin color, religion, or anything else that makes one citizen different from another is not justified or moral if you are really a patriotic American.

It is fine to disagree. It is not fine to deny any fellow citizen their equal right to disagree with you, or to put forth laws, rules or regulation to make your policy compulsory on others.

This is how freedom dies and powerful forces step in to undermine everyone's freedoms including yours.

Today those forces are aligned with conservative politics which are quite happy to manipulate using fear and hate to achieve their goals. YOU don't matter as long as you vote the "right" way.

And yes...I’m a liberal and I believe everyone here is an American, potentially a patriot and we have but one constitution and it applies equally to every one of us including people we disagree with or don’t like for what ever reason.

If you don’t like someone else...that’s your problem.



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