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Crimes in our Elections

Has the GOP converted from a once-trusted political party in America to a criminal syndicate?

Now don't get your panties in bunch.  I'm writing this as a thought experiment and am not trying to start yet another conspiracy theory.

As word came to us the other day, from Trump's own lawyer of many years, and even from Trump's own tweets and clandestine recordings, he was directly implicated in directing federal crimes in order to win an election.

As of today this list dated June we have a list of former Trump aids or associates who have been charged, tried or plead guilty of a number of federal crimes. Some relate to Russia, some relate to campaign finance violations. Future revelations may add indictments for obstruction of justice.

The NRA may be a culprit in the medling of our democracy as well. 2 There is suspicion yet to be verified, that Russian oligarchs use the NRA to influence GOP candidates, gun-toting voters and perhaps to funnel illegal foreign contributions into GOP candidate's treasuries to help them win seats. Accused Russian spy, Mariina Butin is in jail awaiting trial while at least a dozen indicted Russian agents have already fled the country. As of this wrting this remains an ongoing investigation.

As of this date two GOP elected officials (first to endorse Trump)  have been indicted on charges of campaign finance violations 3.  Duncan Hunter and his wife (R-CA) and Chris Collins (R-NY) await trial.

Each day without fail Trump takes to social media to rant and rave about the "witch hunt" which, so far, has netted a lot of witches.

He has attacked our own national security apparatus in defense of V. Putin.

Even at the very start...before the water was starting to boil he removed James Comey then admitted it was because of the Russian investigation.4. This is one nail in the coffin regarding obstruction of justice.

There is the observable support of GOP members of congress, aiding the attempted denials and obstruction. Devin Nunez (R- ) has taken the lead in trying to unhinge this probe with the very open objective of protecting a possibly criminal president in the Oval Office.5. Nunez, if pressured by trump for this obstruction may incurre criminal liabilty as a conspirator to obstruct justice according to one Supreme Court case that would cause him to lose his immunity.

A few more things to note;  Republican candidates are supported by the NRA but terrified of that organization's influence on the far right. If such a major player in GOP politics is also serving as an "agent" of a hostile foreign power, there is established a direct tool to effect our politics in the hands of V.Putin and his band of oligarchs.

Here in America we have our own "gang" of oligarchs who spend vast fortunes to influence government policy to their favor, often at the expense of average citizens. Just five men in the US own more wealth than the bottom half of our entire population.  Citizens United decision, decided entirely along political lines to favor the GOP point of view, opened floodgates of cash, a vast majority of which appears to flow into conservative war chests.

On the business side, we know that Trump has to rely almost entirely on Russian banks to fund his business growth. Haveing so abuse out bankruptcy laws at home, US Banks simply refuse him money. So the obvious question on the table, how far into Russian finances is Trump Inc embedded and how much leverage does this give to said Oligarchs.  What might this say about Russia's motives to mess with our elections and our democracy?

There's an old saying worth noting, "Follow the money". 

The wealth of a few hinges on a government willing and able to set policy in ways designed to enhance the wealth of the few with access.  Given that we have a finite pool of wealth, the more that moves up means less for the entire remaining population to share 6.  Of all the weath of the planet, 90% is in the hands of just 1%. 7

This is not a specific indictment of the rich. It is not a claim that every wealthy person wishes to dominate governments. But of those who do follow this path, expect that here in the US, most support conservative politics because they understand which side may be "for sale" and who can be called uppon for policies favorable to the growth of their wealth.

With so many crimes exposed all pointing to money and power on the right, with coverups aided from people in high office on the right, one might arrive at the notion that there may be some conspiricy on one side to maintain a government profile that is specifically geared to enhancing the fortunes of a few at the expense of the many.


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