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Barr Report

Barr report is NOT the Mueller Report

On March 24th 2019 AG William Barr, Trumps "insurance" appointment to the DOJ submitted his report to Congress on the Mueller Report. He did not submit the Muller report.

If you follow the news, in particular if you follow real news, not FauxNews you will see a swirl of controversy surrounding the Barr Report. No one yet has seen a single page of the actual report. We don't even know how many pages it contains.

Polls  including republican voters show overwhelming support (84%) for releaseing the entire report to Congress and the public.  The House voted unanamously, every single GOP member voted to release the full report. McConnell is still covering Trump's escape route. Does anyone in DC care about the "Will of the People"?

We see hints and partial sentences extracted from the "report" but not one single complete sentence from Mueller's team has been revealed to anyone.

Notable, however, and the cause for concern among those those who honor the rule of law in America is the way in which AG Barr treated his own assertion's quoted from the report. The Muller report specifically declined a recommendation on obstruction but did specifically make clear that the report DID NOT exonerate Trump.

That move was an obvious political move by Barr as part of his back door deal with Trump to provide cover for improper, perhaps illegal behavior related to obstruction.

It surprised many for more educated in these matters, that in just a two day period Barr was able to comb through 22 months of investigation, by 40 FBI agents, 19 attorneys, 500 warrants, 2,800 subpoenas and so on to come up with his own assertion that Trump is "exonerated" on this issue.

What is in the evidence that led Mueller after nearly two years to conclude that he could NOT exonerate Trump. What in that same body of evidence did Barr rely on to do just the opposite?


We know that Barr, some time earlier, sent a letter to the DOJ basically saying he did not personally believe a president could obstruct justice at all. He arrived on the job with that opinion in hand. Was clearing Trump of anything illegal his true mission? Keep in mind that Barr refused to commit to recuse himself as Sessions had done.

We know Trump better than we hoped we would. Did he call Barr and order him to exonerate him for political purposes?

Was this a double cross on many levels? Did Barr double cross the American people? Did he lie to get confirmed by a GOP senate? Would they even care? ( I doubt it ).

Did Barr and Rosenstein double cross Mueller's intent that this be a road map for Congress as was the case in the Watergate scandal?

What of Mueller's future response if he felt betrayed and if he believes this betrayal poses an existential threat to our nation, our national security and the rule of law?

Will Mueller speak out, breaking his "by the book" code for the greater good of transparency? If he does not does that raise any question as to where his ultimate loyalty lies? With the nation or with his boss in the White House or with his political party (He is a Republican appointed to this task by Republicans under Trump).

Many questions would be answered by a release of the full Mueller report along with all underlying investigative materials including the Grand Jury testimony as was done in the Watergate matter.  Congress demanded the report by April 2nd.  Barr said " weeks not months" but we don't know if he will give at least Congress the full report and all supporting documents. Time will tell if the DOJ works for the American people or if it is just an extension of "Trump Inc."

Now is when we find out who is putting our nation ahead of their political loyalties.

CLICK to download the PDF Barr Report to Congress.