Where is the plan DNC?

Democratic National Committee

Debbie Wasserman Shultz, chair

430 South Capitol Street Southeast
Washington, DC 20003

Dear Director Shultz,

I am a liberal and a Democrat. In the past two presidential elections I was a volunteer entering data for the Obama campaign. I will do the same in 2016 if asked.

I don't expect any politician to please me personally and that same holds true for the DNC as a whole.


I have been very disappointed in the DNC over the past election cycles and feel it has been ineffective and neglectful to the extent the GOP now controls both houses of Congress as well as a majority of the statehouses and legislatures nationwide.

I get beg notices by email and US mail all the time asking for money. I have not seen any plan to change the tactics that would indicate your strategy to take back Congress and as many states as possible. If you keep losing ground my money is wasted.

Why has the DNC not understood how Obama soared in two elections? Why when we canvas and call and pass out materials for a presidential campaign are we not also pushing to hand our president a Congress he can work with. Liberal progress needs both. All we have now is a veto. In many states we don't even have that.

You want money. Show us you can organize on a scale that will make a difference. Every election should be as important as a presidential election. Sometimes mid-terms are more important. We need people knocking on doors and calling in all states to get Democrat lawmakers into office. We need to replace Governors in GOP held states...then roll back voter restrictions.

We need voter turn out and voter registrations expanded in states that have made voting harder. Help those less able to become registered then get them to vote. When Democrats vote we don't lose.

Where is the plan?

( Mailed to DNC on January 8, 2016 )