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Political Rhetoric or Fact:

It's that time again.  The brainwashing begins with a vengeance by political parties.

There will be broad statements on both sides designed to sway you to their way of thinking without ever really telling anyone what they are thinking.

They don't really want you to know because if you did you would "move to Canada" !!

But some stock taking points will be rolled out by the right that really say nothing.

The GOP says:

  • We are the party of law and order | No one on the right has any evidence to support that Democrats don't want law and order.
  • We are for fiscal responsibility  |  No one on the right has a claim to say that Democrats want to be irresponsible with taxpayer money.
  • We want America to be safe  |  Does anyone really think Democrats don't want to be safe?
  • We want to create jobs  |  Let's not forget which party was steering the ship when it went off the cliff.  Democrats ARE the workforce and want good paying jobs.
  • We want to lower taxes  |  No one "likes" taxes but the unavoidable fact the right refuses to admit is that when taxes are higher we have more and better paying jobs.

The list goes on of course, the assumption the politicians are trying to make are that whatever is good is not something the other side wants.  BS !

The problem is they don't want to talk about how to get where they say they want to take us.  Since the "Great Bush Recession" of '08, our employment is back. We know it is not the middle class we used to have but that is not because of Democrats.  The withering of the middle class has everything to do with tax cuts for the rich with no obligation on their part in return for those cuts.  Since the recession the rich are richer than ever and the rest of us are going down the tubes.

Thanks to the "generosity" of the taxpayers the banks are bigger and richer and don't want to lend money to those who bailed them out.  These banks spent millions to try to prevent the little consumers from having an agency to stand up for them. ( Consumer Protection Agency ).  Who funded the attack? Big Banks via their PAC's and lobbyists and their Republican stooges in Congress.  This time they lost. What happens if we get a Republican Congress again along with a Republican President?  Will they de-fang or de-fund the protections for us while giving even more big breaks to the bankers and Wall Street?

You bet they will.

  Jobs and Income:  Minimum wage increase? Not with a GOP government...that might hurt the bottom line of big business. 

Remember when it comes to jobs, pay and opportunity it is big business who pull the strings, hire and fire and as long as they can do so, they will pay the lowest possible wages and offer the smallest numbers of full time positions possible to avoid paying anyone over time, or providing benefits.

Who has done so much to undermine unions? Remember the boom times for the middle class? Driven by unions who's efforts pulled us all up.  The GOP position is that unions are bad because they give the average worker a voice that their puppet masters in the corporate world don't want them to have.

By destroying unions power they destroy the middle class power.  One by one us "poor people" have no power. Only by uniting can we compete with the enormous financial resources of the wealthy.  That in a nutshell is why the rich and the right hate unions.

  Exporting Jobs:  Where did our good paying middle class jobs go? China. India. Indonesia. Anywhere labor is cheap.  The rich who own those 70,000+ factorys that left American shores stay here save  May of the tax dollars that were in the Clinton surplus were used to cut taxes for the rich. Those funds were often used to fund the opening of overseas factories. We paid corporate America to export our middle class.

  Trickle Down Theory:  How's that working for you? This was the BIG LIE from the right offered by Reagan, the darling of rich conservatives who paid millions to sell the rest of us on an empty promise.  It's like the old line "The check is in the mail"  Well...my check never arrived.

We know the "theory" Give the rich even more cash and they will use it to build factories and hire the rest of us...some of that gift to the rich will "trickle down" to the rest of us. Problem is that politicians never ask for strings to be attached when they hand a gift to those who fund their elections.  Most of the "gift" we gave on empty promises went into more private investments and to de-funding the middle class.

In fact it is millions of small businesses who hire the most Americans...or so it was.  Our small businesses made the parts, build the roads, shipped supplies that made big business hum. It worked well until greed set in at the top. When they (1%) figured out how to purchase politicians to do their bidding, they started to drain the middle class.  The trickle worded well...in reverse!  Money first trickled then flooded to the top.

If you have a pie of a given size and someone takes half for himself there is less of that pie for the rest of us to share.  So goes our economy. We are expected to share an ever decreasing piece of the pie.

The Republicans pay a little lip service to income inequality but all one needs to do is look at where their campaign finance centers.  It is not the average worker who funds their ambitions, it is a select few of the very rich and powerful.

This election (2016) expects to see $2 billion dollars spent to sway voters.  Very little of what we will be told will be either factual or informative with the bulk spend trying to convince us how bad the other side is without every telling us what their side plans to do to make our lives better.

Don't listen to me.  Surely don't listen to politicians trying to get your vote by any means possible.

If you are reading this you are online. Use the internet...it is the biggest library ever created. It is full of facts in addition to false and misleading information.

Most factual information can be verified with a little work. Do that work. I will provide a couple starting points but if you start with pre concieved notion of who is right and who is wrong all you will search for are opinions that support what you already believe. This is what the political process expects of voters...to seek only that which will reinforce your existing position.

Outsourcing Jobs:  Trump said on Fox and Friend "..We're outsourcing our jobs" but fact is his entire clothing line is made in China, Mexico and Bangladesh. On Cavoto he based Chinese products as "crap". 

National Security: Jobs are a security issue as much as military and police. Imagine a conflict in which our adversary just happens to be where all our factories reside.

// More to come.


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