Trumps America? A theocratic plutocracy.


I'm not a spring chicken any more and I have no kids to worry about. Perhaps my America will last the remainder of my life time. Not so sure.

Trump's election has been said by some to make him our "last president" ever elected by citizens of our country.

Putin was 'elected' as are most strong men, mostly because no one dares oppose them. We have elected a president who has shown himself to be thin-skinned and vindictive, willing to embarrass and threatens adversaries.  Could future elections be scripted and directed to guarantee a radical right with coup?

He chose as his VP a man who's desire it to turn American into a theocracy, not unlike a Muslim caliphate with a Christian version of religious (Sharia) law designed to control our every decision and, hopefully, our thoughts.

Trump is constantly laying ground work to distrust our elections and our media. He is way too cozy with Putin, putting Russia ahead of our own national security agencies.

Dictators do this so people will believe them and no one else, making it easier to indoctrinate and control the population.  This is an administration ( and a political party ) that is hostile to education and factual information. Trump's election came to us at the hands of the least educated Americans.  

Trump has employed many of the exact same tactics and rhetoric used by Hitler and Mussolini. Trump has awaken a new more radical white supremacist movement and even taken one of their heros into his administration.  Organized hate groups actively supported then celebrated Trump's presidency.

His demonizing of specific racial and ethnic groups mirrors how Hitler was able to turn his nation into a brutal empire where merely being a Jew was a death sentence.

The GOP is counting on Trump's support to destroy any progress that helped anyone other than the wealthy.  Congress will not touch the rich. Every action they take will come out of the pockets of the average American as the wealthy contributors to their campaigns become richer and richer.  With only so much wealth to go around, there will be less and less for the average citizen.

  • Health care gone. The wealthy can pay cash the rest can just die as before ACA.
  • Tax cuts for the rich? Hell yea already promised and no word about any strings.
  • Regulations? Those cost the wealthy money and protect the rest of us. Gone.
  • Organized labor? No way big business wants to be obligated to care about workers. Gone.
  • Equal Rights?  Look for the Pence delegation to try to take rights away from the LGBT community. 
  • Education?  The GOP hates an education voter. Look for a less-than-factual system. We are already way down in ranking world wide.
  • Internet?  That's as good as handed to corporate monopolies after Trump is in power. Made and paid for by tax dollars, you will no longer have any say.
  • Accurate news?  Trump hates the idea of an independent press and has repeatedly tried to destroy there credibility. ( I look to BBC, Al Jazeera and others for verification )
  • Drain the swamp?  That's proven to be a joke on us as he is filling his administration with more swamp.
  • Constitutional right of choice? We know what happened before the courts made abortion legal, thousands died while the rich "took a cruise". This loss would not affect the rich, only the expendable poor.

The future of America? A theocratic plutocracy if Trump, Pence and the GOP have their way.

Some telling signs:

 US House moves to gut ethics body. No longer concerned about ethical behavior of its members. This is nothing new really. Many moons ago I was a registered lobbyist in Washington for a grass roots organization.  When I registered Clinton was in and we had to file reports of money or gifts given to elected officials. When Clinton left and Bush came to power, the GOP removed the requirement to report gifts. They likey freebies and don't want the public to know how much graft they take to please special interests. BBC  As of this writing this plan was dropped because of outcry.  We will see.