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Was the election stolen by FAKE news?

It seems now even a republican in Congress plans to investigate Russian influence in our elections.

That's a start if too late to fix anything.

What else needs to be investigated is the influence of Fake News on our elections.

A lot of fake news, specifically targeting Hillary Clinton, circulated online. Often this was taken as fact and even re-tweeted by one of Trump's own people, the son of general Michael Flynn. This particular fake news will cost the freedom of one man taken in by the lie when he decided to go shoot up a pizza joint in DC.  If could have been far worse had someone been killed.

Just as you cannot shout "FIRE" in a crowded theater, persons who publish and promote any fake story that has real world consequences should be help responsible.  Had the shooter in the "pizzagate" fake news killed someone, the author of that story should be arrested and charged with a crime.

Even the President Elect is trading in his own conspracies, claiming he actually won the popular vote if you "...subtract 3 million illegal votes."  No explanation as to where he got that number and what proof exists. Perhaps illegal votes is how HE got elected!

What a shoddy way to start a presidency.

We must be mindful of what we read and what facts are presented to back up the news.  The most obvious thing for all of us to consider is the source.  Did the "news" appear on a credible network station like CNN, ABC,CBS,NBC etc?  Was it reported by more than one credible news organization?  Was it promoted ONLY by social media?

The internet is the wild west of information. Anyone can post anything online...it does not make it true.  Perhaps much of the fake news you read was posted by foreigh operatives to steer the election.  Clearly Russia trid to slant our votes to benefit Trump. There is clear proof of this.

Here is a list of Snope's FAKE NEWS sites and PolitiFact's Fake News project.

If you see something, say something.  FAKE NEWS cannot be permitted to damage or distort our democracy in favor of special interests or foreign powers.

It's our country, don't let outsiders steel if from us.