Global Warming is Real

Sadly we have political leaders more attune to pandering to short sighted greed that their actions could eventually destroy the world's economy and lead to global refugee crisis INCLUDING here in America.

The Antarctic ice shelf is melting at an alarming rate. It is accelerating the rise of sea levels and could approach 6 foot by the end of this century.

Major world cities including New York, Miami, London, Shanghai and countless others could be rendered uninhabitable, sending hundred of millions of refugees surging inland.  Imagine the strain on any economy if all the major centers of commerce, banking and manufacturing collapsed.

Right wing politics in the US today is leading the charge to destruction through a combination of ignorance, greed and  the self preservation of their own political power.

Fossil fuel executives and their minions in our Congress have made the calculation that ignoring, even denying these facts won't matter to them because by the time the world collapses they will be dead and gone.  Screw their children and grand children.  I assume the wealth sponsors of these political hacks believe that their huge bank accounts can protect them from disaster. But what of the collapse of the banking institutions where their own investments lie? What if their money becomes useless because no one is there to buy from?

The majority of the modern world understands the dangers and is trying to take steps.  This is a global crisis and the USA was supposed to be a global leader.  As it turns out, not so much.

Our nation is already compromised by ideological ignorance that places personal gain ahead of the future of this nation and the world.

The current administration and GOP led congress is poised to omit any effort to join the rest of the modern world in efforts to protect future generations.  Greed and the desire for power are more important to them. We elected them so in the end, our demise rests on our own heads.

The biggest danger we face is ignorance, compounded by the problem that the very fact we don't recognize our own ignorance.

We need people in public office as well as industry to lead the charge to protect the only Earth we have. Once we break it it could take thousands or millions of years for it to heal.  Can we wait that long? Can we risk it all for more wealth in an ever decreasing number of hands?

18-23% of all income in US goes to just 1% of our population.  These 1% hold more wealth than the bottom 90% of our citizens.  These are the people who put greed and power ahead of the future of the entire world and are not shy about buying influence from our elected officials. These few at the top consider the rest of us as inferior and unimportant seems evident. Read This.

Read this, it is eye opening.  Let your members of Congress know you want them to protect the planet for future generations and not squander our future to make a small handful of supporters ever richer.