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Governor Scott & Deadly Shootings in Orlando

Ok, Im not really making a connection between the two but wanted to get your attention to put a few things into perspective.

This is being written on the morning of the shooting at the Pulse night club in Orlando and many facts we need will take weeks to be found and revealed to us. For instance, did the shooter legally purchase his assault rifle in the US?

Of course those who could make a political point out of any of this (Trump) won't bother to wait for facts.  Reader Beware!

On to our illustrious governor and our GOP led legislature, who deny health care to an estimated 1.2 million Floridians.

The perspective.  As of this writing this shooting is the worst in US History, 50 dead. Some in hospitals are very critical...that number could rise.

But when we look at the risk of death to Florida residents let's also look at the number "killed" by direct political actions taken by Florida Republicans.

Florida has the third highest number of people who die prematurely each year because they are without health insurance, according to a Families USA study ."

Other studies suggest (courtesy Charlie Crist) 6 per day. It is hard to pin an exact number but for sake of argument lets say that estimate is way high and only two die per day...that is still 730 Floridia citizens per year that likely would survive had their access to care not been denied by the State of Florida.

Texas (another GOP state) leads Florida for the top spot in terms of deaths that likely would have been prevented had Scott not banished many Florida citizens to live without access to affordable care.  It was a direct result of florida Republicans who refusal to extend Medicaid to Florida as have other right wing states led by Republican governors. 

Between 2005 and 2010 this number now stands at 12,336 Floridians dead.  To be fair the refusal of Scott to allow more of his citizens to get care started later, but also offset that with the fact that this specific study ended at 2010 so we have had 6 more hears to accumulate bodies.

"Florida Gov. Rick Scott considers the president’s...healthcare plan unconstitutional, and has said that should the law pass, the ' state will abide by it as “the law of the land.' "

Ok Mr. Scott, so you fall right in line with the GOP in accepting that saving money and defying Obama is more important than the lives of over 12 thousand men, women and children living in Florida.

Im sure the families of those who died appreciate you taking a stand against healtcare.

Message received. We (citizens) don't matter in matters of your political ideology or money...we are expendable.