Hon Senator Rubio,

In the last year of Obama's presidency, Justice Scalia passed away creating an open seat which was his option to fill.  Mitch McConnell decide to change the rules to declare there will not be any confirmation hearings until after the election.

Now that a republican sits in the White House he declares his prior rule to be null and void, calling into question his integrity and the integrity of the GOP controlled senate.

Is the new "rule" in the Senate now that there are no rules?

How does one justify making rules then changing them just because it provides a political advantage to one party or ideology?  This reflects very poorly on McConnell in particular but if the GOP members of congress go along with this flip-flop clearly intended for ideological and political advantage, what does that say about the integrity and morals of the GOP party?

Trump, unlike any past president, as declared a "litmus test" for his next appointee.  Never done before, that any president has declared that in order to get his recommendation said justice must agree to take rights away from half our population. Beyond women's constitutionally protected right to choose, what other rights might he have his sights set on? 

We already see his animosity toward a free press, toward criticism, toward minorities, toward religion (Muslim for now), toward immigrant children, toward sexual identity...basically against anyone who is not a white male born in America. ( He also seems to favor neglecting citizens of Puerto Rico, perhaps not accepting/understanding that they are Americans too. ) He has the open endorsement of right-wing hate groups like the Clan and Neo-Nazis which in itself I find troubling because of what it says about a set of common sympathies.

As a member of a minority yourself (Cuban American) can you, in your own imagination, think how others of similar heritage could be impacted in the future?  Remember this seat will remain filled long after Trump leaves, and available for future presidents to "use" to further perhaps even more biased and racial agendas.

The RIGHT thing to do is speak out, say no. Condemn McConnell for neglecting his own rule just because he can.  Refuse hearings on any replacement for Kennedy until after the November elections play out.

All of the citizens deserve to have their voice heard, not just the far-right base.

Will YOU take a stand to demand the Senate support the McConnell Rule that no confirmation hearings shall be held in an election year?

Your yes or no reply is requested. 

It really is as simple as those are the only two options available.