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Last March on a sunny afternoon around 1:30 PM while my handyman and friend and partner in a small business was tuning a new sub woofer I had helped him install that morning, a gun toting MAGA took issue with his music. He came at Richie and his family in his own driveway with a hand gun.

Minutes later Richie lay on the ground clinging to life as blood shot feet into the ground from a .cal 45 hole in his chest. This took place in front of his entire family and now his 4 year old son is also traumatized by this barbaric act.

To everyone's amazement at the trauma center, Rich lived after having died 3 times in route by chopper.

The monster is in jail facing minimum 25 years in prison. ( good! ) he even contracted but survived Covid. ( darn )

But now Rich is living with one lung. He has a wife a home and two little boys to support.


I met Rich a few years ago when he answered and ad I placed for a house cleaner.  I didn't have him clean but asked if he wanted some handy man work.

He said yes. Then he immediatly told me he was a felon.  Having spent 30 years as a justice reform advocate I did not bat an eye and told him "so what?"

He was stuggling then to find work to feed his family. He had one 2 year old boy and a pregnant wife and was close to the end with his rent.

To shorten the story, I ran into a deal on a mobile home for sale pretty cheap due to a death.  I had just inherited some cash when my mother passed away. I bought the property and gave him a mortgage knowing he could never hope to purchase anything.

He struggled every day to find money to support his family then did find a job mowing state highways just in time for Christmas.

But it was spotty uncertain work with many days off without any income.

Another friend had a stroke. He had a small lawn care business he could no longer maintain. (He is doing very well now tho)  I bought him out pretty cheap and started a mowing business to give Rich work.

It was starting to grow. Then Rich took a bullet. Then Pandemic. Rich has an application for disability pending.

I'm helping to the extent I can by paying their electric bill.  But my only consistent income is my social security check so I can do only so much.

They get by with working when he is able. Humid hot days really make breathing hard for him. He really should not be risking his health but he does because he has no choice.

His refrigerator failed and they lost a lot of food.  A kind member of our local Democrats bought him a new one and had it delivered. One crisis avoided.

He owes his property taxes for last year. Less than $400 and no immediate danger but it is hanging over his head.

But now his septic tank is full. They have bad backup and cannot run much water in house. They shower and launder clothes at my house for the time being.

His wife is trying to sell jewelry on Facebook to help. ( I donated web site to her for that too )

I just cannot afford to hire septic service. ( $275 )

I am hoping that some kind souls will help with any small donations possible.

If just 500 people donate $2 each that pays up his taxes and pumps his septic system.

If ANYONE is willing to chip in let me know via my contact form.

PayPal, CashApp, Venmo or a really generous soul could just pay for septic and send them over!

#RichieStrong Facebook.