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Internet Privacy

Your online right now! 

This means that your computer is connected indirectly and directly to any number of web servers around the world. Your computer can spill personal information to any of those and you would not even know it.

Virtually every nation on Earth want's to gather as much private information as they can for various purposes. Most major corporation want your personal information for two purposes, 1) target you with ads, 2) sell it to others without your knowledge or permission.

They only way you can put a stop to this is by taking some action on your end of the data stream.

While some leakage is innevitable, there are ways to de-personalize what others gather from you that can go a long way to make that data useless.

The first hole in your life that is easy to exploit is by your own actions.

Social media.

Unless your are buying ads on social media you are NOT their customer, you are their product. They are selling you to their paying customers. The more you share on these platforms the more they have to sell...and you don't get a dime or even any say over those transactions. You don't get to know who buys your personal info.

What you put out is already gone. There is no getting it back. But you can take steps to stem the flow of personal data to unknown sources.

Stop posting to Social Media unless you create new, anonymous accounts and restrict what you post. Make them hidden from public view. Don't post anything that would identify you by name or location.  The info you post will not be connected to a person or location and has little value for marketing.

Use a VPN when online as well as when you use your smart phone.  Without a VPN active your ISP (Comcast, ATT, Verizon,Windstream etc) can record every site you visit because it is going through their servers directly to the site you load.

With a VPN all the can know is that you connected to a VPN but beyond that they cannot know what sites you visit or what your doing there because all traffic between you and that VPN is encrypted in both directions.

There are other tips and tricks, some free and not-to-expensive options you can use to keep your private life online private.

Want to know more? Check my site for more information on protecting you and your family in cyber space.  Tell your friends.