A proxie is sort of a poor-mans VPN. This is a list of some free proxies

Sometimes you want a quick means to bypass your ISP's IP address. These can be a useful tool, for instance, if your having an issue accessing a particular web site while still able to access others.  By "spoofing" a different geographical location you may be able to load that site, giving you some insight into the problem

On occasion your ISP's nameservers and DNS may be out of date. There may be a problem in the network between your ISP and the web site you are trying to reach. But you may have a clean shot to a proxy which then allows you to bypass a network outage.


These can also be used along with your VPN service for one more "hop".  There is no certainty that your IP address and the site you browse will not be logged so these should never be considered a reliable means to mask your online activity.


* may not be safe