Guns and Obama

Let me state these two facts:

  • I am a Liberal Democrat and I do not oppose gun ownership.
  • I support the 2nd Amendment as I do all of our Constitution.

Ok, no argument there from me. 

We are far more at risk from our fellow citizens than from ISIS or any other terror organization.1 Your chances of being killed by a terror attack are about 1 in 20 million.  At the same time, 480,000 a year die from medical mistakes.  Your doctor will kill you long before ISIS does.

Mass killings by Americans using guns, often high power assault weapons that can pierce police vests, are on the rise and happen without warning anywhere.  American on American terror attacks are deadly and unpredictable.

What to do.  Congress's approach (GOP side of the aisle) is to ignore it and do nothing.  Guns, (actually the gun lobby) after all, are far more important to them then the hundreds killed each week. Don't touch the profits of munitions industry because they fund their campaigns.

Most gun owners don't even belong to the NRA. Many members of the NRA don't agree with that organization, forced to join in order to avail themselves of gun ranges across America who decline membership unless you join the NRA. There is a financial incentive to these ranges from the NRA to force mandatory membership of course.  It is always about money isn't it?

We all know that gun control as permitted under law won't stop all violent acts. A determined criminal will find a way to get a gun without regard to the law. Even Obama concedes that point.

No one on the left has suggested the Amendment be ignored or that the government should take legally owned guns away from anyone. Only the NRA shouts this because they know it boosts gun sales...more money!

All that Obama has suggested in his talks is to tighten the definition of who is a gun dealer to assure anyone who is actually selling firearms for profit must perform background checks.  This is not a violation of anything other then the sensibilities of a small minority of far-right gun packing protesters called the NRA...and of course the politicians they have in their pockets.

The so-called gun show loophole and the internet sales where no background check is required is a good place to start. This does not, repeat DOES NOT change anyone's right to legally buy or own a firearm. Those who buy guns legally have nothing new or more restrictive than what they have now.  It does effect people in business of selling for profit who must obtain a license. You need a license to drive your car..and a test which you don't even need to buy deadly weapons.

Mental health care is now available due to the Affordable Health Care Act (Obama care) . While the same GOP voices agree that this mental health care is important in the debate on gun violence, the same people also pledge to remove healthcare coverage (and mental health care with it) from millions of American. ( The new GOP motto: If you like your health care you cannot keep it )

  • Let's stop arguing over something that is actually pretty minor.
  • Let's agree people who should not have guns should not buy them.
  • Let's agree that a background check at a gun show does not prevent the legal purchase of a gun.
  • Let's agree that this expansion of checks will not stop every crime with a gun.  
  • But let's agree that doing nothing is not going to help at all.


1. Terror in Perspective