The Muslim Problem

Terrorism is expanding due to Muslim Extremists who believe in mass murder, gruesome executions, torture, rape and the subjugation of women are a valid part of their religion.

While the vast majority of Muslims are not supportive of such brutal tactics to spread their beliefs, far too few are taking any action to combat what could lead to a total lack of trust of all of Islam by the rest of the world.

ISIS wants the US and other Western nations to put boots on the ground. Their plan is no secret, engage us on the battleground to support their claim that all of the West is against Islam.  Turn their terrorist fringe of criminals into martyrs while bringing hatred to all who practice Islam.

At the root, this is not our fight.  This is a Muslim fight to save the reputation of their own religion amongst the people of the world who will never accept mass violence as a "religious" practice.  The backlash is more pronounced and obvious and often does not discriminate between peaceful Muslims and violent extremists.

The West cannot and should not take on this war as their own. Doing so hands another victory to extremists on a silver platter.

Using all available means, political, social, economic etc. we need to press Muslim armies into the fight against extremism. If we choose to offer aid in the form of boots on the ground it must be offered only in response to Muslim nations direct action in their own region.  No more than one American soldier on the ground for each four Muslim soldiers.  This must be a war between Muslims to prove that the main stream Muslim sides with peace not with terror.

I applaud the stand-off approach of the Obama administration so far.  After the US paved the way for ISIS to gain ground, first in Iraq under Bush then in Libya with the help of the current administration, we must learn that our intervention must stop unless the other nations in the region are willing to step up and join the fight.

Don't try to kick Syria's dictator to the curb.  He is a BAD dude as was Saddam and Qaddafi.  But perhaps the citizens of that region simply don't understand anything else and an iron fist is all the can keep the lid on.  Iraq was "peaceful" when Saddam was there. You did not see suicide bombings or terror activity at the time because such would have been a security problem for his own regime. 

We cannot continue to spend our cash and flesh to fight their battles for them.  Do what we can to help them help themselves and do what we can to protect ourselves from terrorism.

Iraq had a try at democracy but there seems no ability to comprehend or to find leaders who are willing to reform without trying to turn themselves into the next absolute ruler.  Don't try to tell them what kind of government they should have...just be sure they understand not to try to export violence to their neighbors and the world.

Moderate Muslims:  Where are you in this fight?  Your radicals travel to the Mideast to join the terrorists.  How may of the true moderates are going there to combat ISIS? Is your religion not worthy of preservation to the extend you are willing to spill our own blood?

America supports freedom of religion and a desire for peace. But we should not fight other people's battles for them if they refuse to participate in their own preservation on at least equal footing.