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Opinion on Mueller Report

OPINION: April 19, 2019

I have been reading the Mueller Report which in no uncertain terms stated in plain English, did NOT exonerate Trump on the issue of obstruction or on conspiracy. That was a fiction invented by his duplicitous protector AG Barr who himself may one day face the wrath of a future AG as an accomplice to obstruction himself.

The claim of "no collusion" is a spurious claim at best. Mueller's mandate was to determine if sufficient proof "beyond a reasonable doubt" would be available to support a criminal charge of conspiracy.

As Mueller himself stated, if he could produce evidence that would actually clear the president he would have done so. There was no evidence favorable to Trump.

Mueller went to great lengths to explain the scope and limitations based on DOJ policy that stated he could not indict a sitting president. With that in mind Mueller even with clear evidence of conspiracy could not recommend criminal charges and without the charge the president would have no means to clear his name in a court of law.  The remedy is up to Congress not to Mueller or the DOJ thus no such recommendation could be made by SCO in any event. This is part of the sham by Barr in improperly declaring Trump innocent contrary to the actual report.

It is evident from the visible report that there were many instances of Trump's campaign actively trying to benefit from efforts by a hostile nation for their own benefit.  The report outlines many clandestine contacts between Trump's team and the Russians.  It also outlines a list of acts that would be grounds for a charge of obstruction were Mueller not constrained by the DOJ policies.

Russia: DOJ's own web site says there is a moral though not legal obligation to report crimes against our nation to authorities. Trump's team knew of illegal election hacking and rather than doing the right thing and reporting to the FBI they remained silent, using this attack to their own benefit even communicating with our enemies. Trump decided to allow a hostile power to manipulate or nation's elections and to scam the American people to get elected. This in itself should outrage every patriotic American.

This is behavior on the part of the Trump campaign and of Trump himself that amounted to a "moral treason" and a betrayal of the American people for his own self interest. Now Barr is in the middle of this. I suppose we should not be surprised that a corrupt president would nominate a corrupt AG and that a corrupt GOP senate would confirm...all to turn our DOJ into Trump's personal defense team to the detriment of the American people and to the future security of our Republic.

Despite the DOJ rules to prohibit indictment, Trump's guilt is all over this document for all to read.