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Mueller Update July

Watched hearings, still reading my copy of report between work and sleep.

The obvious is that the hearings were not mind blowing in part because Mueller, honorable as he is, is not either an elequent or motivated witness.  His own integrity is a hindrence in digging into the gist of the report.  That said reading the report, (slow going) is an eye opener.

I suspect that is why outlets like Fox are not encouranging anyone to read it.  Those words go counter to everything Faux News is telling it's viewers.

Big Takeaways in no particular order.

  • Russia did and continues to attack our elections system at this very moment.
  • GOP Senate committee confirmed Mueller's assessment of our danger.
  • (Mitch McConnell refuses to protect us by blocking protections to prevent present and future attacks)
  • Mueller made it very clear, Trump was NOT exhonorated.
  • Trump could be prosecuted for obstruction and campaign felonies once he leaves office
  • There are still ongoing intelligence investigations into the matter of Trump's potential compromise by foreign powers.
  • All 50 state's elections systems attacked by Russia.
  • Trump was not "helpful" to the investigation, refused testify, fudged on written answers refuse followups.
  • GOP continues, as expected, to attack messenger rather than seek any truth, leaving our nation's security in danger for political gain.

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