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Manafort Treason?

What was Manafort really up to?


In reviewing the redacted Mueller report something occurred to me.

Perhaps this though occurred to Mueller and is hidden from us in redactions or is part of a spin-off in another AG office. Mueller is too smart to not have considered this.

The report's limitations:

With the DOJ restrictions preventing Mueller from recommending indictment of a sitting president it should really be no surprise that no allegation of an actual crime could or would ever come out of his report regardless of evidence.

Mueller it made clear, if your evidence supports indictment under normal rules you indict, you don't merely accuse the subject and drop it. That leaves the target of the investigation with a guilty finger pointing at them yet denies them a day in court to answer to and defend against those accusations. With Mueller's hands tied with regard to declaring criminal acts took place that the president could not defend against, Mueller regardless of his findings could not state that Trump broke the law.

All he could and should do given the DOJ policies under which the investigation operated, was simply to spell out what evidence was gathered and pass that information on without any recommendations what so ever which is what he did. In the specific case of a sitting president, the only body with the power and constitutional duty to act on that evidence is Congress. Thus the effort to hide this.

Mueller laid out a clear path for Congress to do just this. The report is full of what for any other individual would amount to crimes against our nation. Trump may be safe for now but could still be indicted when he leaves office.

This brings me to my observation related to Paul Manafort and conspiracy between the campaign and Russia for which Mueller could not declare existed but could also not disclose any evidence to exonerate either.

Manafort came to Trump to offer his services to the campaign free of charge even though he was in deep doo-doo financially including to a Russian oligarch. Manaforts historical "occupation" was as an agent for hire working for Russians and Russia-sponsored Ukrainian organizations. It was Manafort's job, in part, to work to install Russia friendly assets in positions of power in other nations. We know this.

Put two and two together. Manafort works for Russian Oligarchs with ties to Putin in part to install high ranking pro-Russia assets in positions of power in target nations. The United States is on Putin's target list. Manafort "volunteers" his expertise to the Trump campaign.

My concern is not that he was working for Trump. I believe he was actually an agent working for Russia and Putin. He was directed to join the campaign as part of his deal to alleviate his huge personal debt. Sell out our nation for profit as it were.

Manafort was never working for the campaign at all! He was working for the Russians to do his primary place assets in position of power in target nations. Manafort was using Trump to get what he wanted for himself.

This would explain why Manafort was so unwilling to cooperate and why he lied and clammed up at every turn. It was really not to protect Trump at all.

Had the real reason for Manaforts offer of free assistance to the campaign reveled that he was actually acting as a paid agent of a nation hostile to our nation for the specific purpose of installing a puppet of Putin into the white house he could easily be charged with much higher crimes including espionage and even treason. US Code says those guilty of treason..."shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned..."

A future article will dive into what Mueller's report never addressed:

1. What influence Putin and others may have over our president.
2. What financial dealings does Trump have with foreign associates for which his US policy decisions could be manipulated for his own personal benefit.
3. Is Trump a criminal under other US law for which he has so far evaded justice.

The truth will come out, but in time?