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Beyond Mueller

Beyond Mueller


Some observations and warnings about old but ongoing threats to our democracy from within the US as revealed by Bob Mueller and ongoing matters.

...what’s revealed in this document is Butina’s role not in gathering intelligence, but acting as an “access agent.” Her purpose wasn’t to rifle the files of the NRA for damaging information. It was to find those people in the Republican Party so desperate for power that they would eagerly reach out to Moscow as a means of keeping or extending that power. And there were many.

Butina didn’t have to work hard to find Republicans eager to conspire with Moscow, she practically had to work to keep the line at her door manageable. 1

There is the issue of foreign money going to Trump and how that may create a lever hostile nations can use to manipulate our foreign policy through a compromised White House. New in this is a recent executive to permit AG Barr to participate in another investigation of his own boss regarding money laundering of foreign funds given to the inaugural committee. Does phrase "fox guarding hen house" come to mind?

“Pursuant to the authority delegated under Section 3 of executive order 13770, I grant a waiver to William Barr, Attorney General, to U.S. Department of Justice, to participate in the investigation and litigation of the IMDB matter in which his former law firm represents and entity involved in the matter,” the order read. 2

What will happen we don't know but given the AG's recent and past history under his former boss George Bush the first, he is not above bending either the law or the truth to get what he wants. In the present case what he wants appears to be to make sure our "president" remains above the law.

The establishment Republicans / RNC are following in lockstep to help swing America farther and farther away from democracy at every step. change the rules and to insist 100% loyalty to [Trump] the dear leader, it doesn’t sound very much like the Republican Party that I grew up in, working for Ronald Reagan and supporting George Bush.”

~ GOP Governor of Maryland, CSPAN. 3

2018, Democrats now lead GOP by 12 million voters. 40% D, 29% R, 28% I If we consider the Independents which nearly equal the number of republican voters as a potential pool of anti-Trump votes and, yea a few pro-Trump democrats, I cannot quite get my head around why with a numerical superiority, the right is so able to distort democracy to their own ends. One cannot escape the obvious that the people do not help their own cause by wilful ignorance of the present dangers to our republic posed by a conservative take over.

It used to matter that we were a "law and order" nation but that's gone, at least for now. Under a conservative majority we saw laws that apply to the average citizen, to the poor or people of color somehow no longer apply to our own leaders who swore an oath to defend those very laws. Mueller's report outlines page after page of law breaking by those very people we entrusted with the safety and security of our laws and constitution. We see blind obedience of a kind associated with cult mentality. People who would proclaim themselves to be true patriots are anything but when it comes to continual support of a person in power who, himself, is anything but loyal to America. Sadly this extends to our own public officials who all took similar oaths then promptly ignored them out of that same blind loyalty to a reckless, incompetent crook of a president.

On the other side of the Mueller report which had a limited scope and was limited by DOJ policy that a sitting president cannot be indicted, are secret intelligence aspects of that probe that have been handed off to the FBI. Congress needs this information and has a constitutional claim to receive them. Since we have a duplicitous AG appointed by Trump any information we can expect to be filtered, hindered and obstructed by William Barr.

In keeping with it's constitutional obligations and rights, Congress (except the GOP of course) is rightfully pursuing records of Trump's financial and business interests. Mueller never looked into that as it was outside the scope and two fold mission. Russia and Obstruction.

What me may well find that is damaging to the president ( hence his extreme measures to hide from the public and Congress something he declares does not threaten him ) would be financial obligations to foreign hostile powers, specifically Russia and more specifically, Putin.

Not just Trump. His adult children and Jared Kushner may also have extensive as yet unknown obligations (read loyalties) to our worst enemies. We cannot expect a currently corrupted DOJ to pursue these weakness.

When a hostile foreign dictator has your financial balls in his hand you do what they ask to keep him from squeezing. Remember any nefarious or clandestine agreements between our president and any one of these thugs is something those thugs know all about. That itself is leverage. To Trump, .."you squeal we squeeze." ( ...tell your secrets via Wiki Leaks perhaps! Delicious Irony )

Russia is still trying to attack our democracy through our elections to install favorable "assets" into positions of power. That, I believe was Paul Manaforts mission, working for Putin not for Trump.

To date what has either Trump or the GOP done to protect our elections? Zero, Zilch, Nada. Big fat goose egg of nothing. Our nation's democracy remains at risk because those who benefit from the help of a hostile nation are willing to look the other way if it means more power for them. Russia knows who it's friends are in their fight against democracy and they are all republicans.

We are currently being invaded by a foreign power with the full knowledge and willing assistance or at least acquiescence of the republican party.

I am not sure we can keep our republic with another Trump term in office.

Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Today we are in the fight of our lives to keep our Republic intact from an assault from both inside and outside our borders.


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