Joe voter for Democracy

MAGA interviews

Corona Virus is the second pandemic

The first is Trump himself. Unlike Coronavirus, Trump infects by remote control using Fox News and Twitter as the avenue of contagion.

He is widely acknowledge by mental health experts as being a narcissistic personality and a sociopath. The podcasts linked on home page will offer those insights.

As stated therein his form of mental impairment includes a lack of empathy, an inability to accept that he is not all knowing and an expert in everything. It renders him incapable of accepting the real world, choosing to paint a world as he wishes he could force it to be.

Followers adopt his brand of mental defect as their own, then join to infect others spreading his mental illness to millions of Americans.

The scary part is that part of his deranged thinking embraces violence and he has tapped the violent nature of far too many of our fellow citizens including many in the "Fake Christian" Evangelical movement.

These experts warn that the only way to cleanse those so infected is to remove the source of infection...remove Trump from power.

Having so totally captured the Republican party, they have chosen to leave him in power, thus reinforcing his own self-image of being all powerful and granted total impunity for anything he decides to do.  This places our entire nation...perhaps the world at great risk.

This is a man with a serious mental defect who has his finger on the nuclear button. Should our military, now also under his command, follow him to the dark place, he could lash out in a final act of vengeance against the planet and bring about the end of civilization in no more than 30 minutes.

What is at stake in November elections is not just may be a matter of the survival of our nation and our way of life.

As for the party Trump has converted into a cult, the longer then cling to his coat tails the more danger they will find themselves in when he goes down...and he will.  As they either support or condone his mental incapacity to lead our nation, so to will they be branded as incapable of leadership.

Voters including reasonable Republicans will turn on them.

He must go and the sooner the better...and along with him all his corrupted enablers.