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Amendments. FCRA

I would put forth the following proposed changes to the current law.

With respect to the Fair Credit Reporting Act 15 U.S.C §1681 CRA (Credit Reporting Agencies).

Retention of data and permissable use there of.

Amendments to the Act:


1. Reduce retention of negative data on consumers from 7 years to 5years provided the subject of said reporthas not had any new negative information added withing the 5 year period.

2. Reduce retention of bankruptcies on consmer reports from the current 10 years to 5 years provided no new negative information has been added.

3. Provide for requirenemt for potential employers who seek report from CRA to be used for employment purposes to submit the required authorization and approvalon a standard form provided by the CRA signed and dated by job applicant to said CRA before said report may be delivered to requester. CRA shallsend to subject of report within 10 days a written copy of the reportincluding the person or company to whom the report was provided.

4. No such inquiry made for employment purposes shall become a part of any consumer's credit history available to anyone outside of the CRA with the exception of the subject of said report.

5. "Hard inquiries" The fact of an application for credit may be reported but shall not result in a reduction of over all score. Such report of an application shall not be retained for more than 12 months.


If you believe these are worth your while please consider downloading the PDF petition HERE. You can fill in the name of your elected officials at the top and your information on the bottom. Print and mail or even email if you have their contact information. You can also fax online at no cost using which already has most elected officials on file for you to select.

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