The GOP voted to trash your privacy


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Despite this, FCC votes to trash the internet in favor of big ISPs

As always with the GOP it's about pleasing the wealthy donors and showering with gifts the rest of us pay for, like it or not.

Latest give away ( not signed by Trump yet ) is a law to allow your ISP to spy on you and sell your personal information to anyone they like without your knowledge or permission.

It would allow them to insert ads into your web browser. It would allow them to secretly plant software to try to circumvent measures you may try to instal to protect your self.  Make no mistake this is an attempt to legalise corporate hacking of personal computers and cell phones.  ( Personally I think that would go down in flames in a court of law but who want's to pay for that battle? )

I wrote a letter and sent email to my GOP representative and Senator in DC. Below is a copy. I also added my voice on the White House web site's contact form. This kind of law is a very sharp example of how the swamp works.  Perhaps Trump can be persuaded to veto this theft of privacy of the American People if he gets enough backlash.  Your silence is a reward to the corporate monopoly over your congress.


To: Congressman Yoho, Senator Rubio,


For the first time since Vietnam I am ashamed of my country. It appears your party is leading the charge to divest our citizens of a future, a decent education, clean air and water, health care, workplace safety, right to vote, attacks on media, a decent wage and now our personal privacy.

No wonder Russia invested in a right wing win!

Then you guys snuck it in. Passed a bill clearly a reward to the wealthy corporations who bankroll campaigns. You sold us out, allowing ISP's to gather then sell our personal information, at a profit, without our permission or knowledge. How KGB of you. This, along with threats to Net Neutrality are acts against the average citizen to enrich a small segment of wealthy patrons.


Perhaps you can explain to me how this is good for the typical American, having their privacy exploited for corporate profit? How is this representing the people as opposed to representing a very specific segment of the corporate world?


Is this how America goes down? Is this the plan to dupe us, brain wash us into turning our entire nation over to a small group of the powerful and wealthy? We are almost an oligarchy now. Will you give away your moral fibre to help tip it the rest of the way just to keep your donations and political privilege?


I know the tried and tired arguments that have proven wrong time and again. You guys will be remembered for the misery and shame you create by tearing down our nations people in exchange for cash.


All this will come to haunt you in the coming elections. You are either for the people or for the corporations, it cannot be both.


Weigh what you do and always ask honestly, who does this really benefit and why are we doing this?


Your future actions will demonstrate who you choose to represent.




It is REALLY time to take some security measures of your own. is my site. It provides information on how to protect yourself from the theft of your personal information such as browsing history, email etc.{jcomments on}