January 6, 2021 Trump's MAGA traitors stormed the US Capitol in an attempt to over throw our democracy to place an autocrat in power.

Former US President Donald Trump has been charged with plotting to overturn his 2020 election defeat.

He is accused of four counts including conspiracy to defraud the US, tampering with a witness and conspiracy against the rights of citizens.

Here is the BBC time line of events.



Authoritarian Check List

 Taken from the writings of well known dictators, here is a check list of steps to be taken to destroy a democracy and substitute authoritarian rule. These are fascist guidelines.

  • The first was a disdain for elites of any kind and the blaming today of the so-called “deep state”.
  • A well-orchestrated propaganda machine. ( Fox, OAN, Breightbart, Twitter, Facebook, Newsmax etc ) and discrediting traditional media.
  • Putting into place all the apparatus of a police state in which the tasks of surveillance. (patriot act, gitmo etc) 1
  • War! ( Traitorous ProudBoys, Qanon threaten violence war on fellow American citizens resemble Hitler's brown shirts. )
  • Republicans formalize embrace of American Fascism-January 13, 2021. 3

I add to this the more contrarianism tool used by many on the right, religion. We have elected officials such as Marco Rubio of Florida, using his fake Christian values as cover for very un-Christian support for the overthrow of our nation. Those are not Christians, those are people who use the cloak of religion as a weapon against American values.

As to those American "patriots" who say they would take up arms to save "freedom" citing the 2nd Amendment...BEWARE!

Of all the amendments that is probably the last one you could count on to save democracy from authoritarian rule.

The most critical are the 1st, Freedom of Speech and the four that give every citizen the right to vote. Lose those your guns are useless.

The rhetoric on the radical right about taking up arms is exactly why, once your right to vote is subverted, those who pretend to care about your 2nd Amendment won't care about any amendment. In fact once they secure a system in which your vote no longer matters, your guns become a threat to their authority. The GOP take over will come for your guns in order to protect their own power.

Once you allow them to snatch your right to vote you have basically given up the only right you had to remove them from power after you realize your mistake.

Whitehead and Perry argue that Christian nationalism merely uses the Bible to impose its conservative political agenda.2

 On another page I will itemize the specific steps already instituted by Trump/GOP with the cooperation or silence of Republican leadership.

1. How-to-kill-democracy-in-four-easy-steps

 2. GOP agenda is NOT Christian (National Catholic Reporter )