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Shit Floats

Shit Floats in Trump World


What form of neurotoxin does Donald Trump use on people to dull their sense of moral outrage and goad them into approving of and helping him commit his crimes and general loathsome behavior?

"Compared to most people, studies have shown that authoritarian followers get their beliefs and opinions from the authorities in their lives, and hardly at all by making up their own minds. ...the failure to do a two-sided search for the truth of their beliefs leaves scar tissue on the psyches of authoritarian followers. [T]hey are much more likely to expose themselves onlyto sources of information that tell them what they want to believe. "1

This by all educated models, applies like a second skin to his base ( MAGA ) who refuse to acknowledge any fact or evidence that does not support what Trump asserts they must believe because he tells them they must believe. He insists they must not look for themselves...they obey.

This is unlikely to change absent some terrible national tragedy that happens because of Trump's ineptness and ignorance. Looming now is damage to our economy so ably restored after the Bush economic collapse by his sworn enemy, Barack Omama. Trump rides Obama's coat tails and hurls insults at the very man who brought America back from the brink of economic collapse.

Trump has proven he is a walking lie machine (passed 10,000 recently to Obama's 18 in both terms) .2 His campaign is riddled with what we now know to be falsehoods. No one in his camp cares. Apparantly one pre-requisit to being a MAGA is a total disregard for the truth. One third of Americans apper to fall into this catagory. Not a good look for America.

Trump is an overt racist. But it would appear that 1/3 of Americans approve of this. A committed racist seeing "one of their own" in charge will easily overcome any potential moral or ethical short comings of the president. After all, being and acknowledged racist is immoral and unethical. Why would those people object to Trump?

Trump's deliberate and systymatic attacks on our own rule of law, our own law enforcement and our own national security agencies while he cowes to authoritarian leaders like Putin and Kim Jong-un. Why would Trump take secret meetings with Putin and destroy any notes of those meetings, knowing full well Putin has notes...may have recored. Anything negative for American interests that Putin knows Trump discussed is kompromat the Kremlin has over our commander-in-chief.

Trumps constant attacks on the Article I powers of congress are an abomination. His being first president in modern times to refuse to release his tax returns after lying to the public about an unproven "audit" which itself provides no reason to refust to inform the public. What is he hiding?

My suspicion is three-fold.

1. His massive ego:He is terrified his base will find out he is actually a bad business man with a history of financial failures under his belt.3

2. Tax Fraud: If Deutche Bank's records and records from his accounting form contail an "altered" version of his tax returns from what is on file with the IRS he will be exposed for deliberate felonies of tax fraud. Cohen made it pretty clear Trump falsified financial statements to apply for bank loans which is a felony of it's own.

3. Sources of his income. (foreign influence) After his rich daddy died and could no longer bail him out of financial trouble he would need a new source of income. US Banks, due to his habit of abusing bankruptcy laws to stiff them and contractors of their money had assured he was black listed by every major US bank4. Deutche Bank was fined for laundering $10 billion in money laundering scheme with Russia. What is the only bank willing to lend Trump money? Deutche Bank5. Is Trump's empire standing only because of Russian financial backing? Does he owe substantial debt to Russia and Putin? What is his incentive to do Putin's bidding to reduce such debt?

Above points to his financial corruption known and yet to be reveiled. Let's look at the "best people" he promised his base he would deliver based on his now-known false claim6 that he was such a miraculous business man. His own co-author recently asserted his book, "Art of the Deal" should be reclassified as a work of fiction. 6. Trump University? Busted for fraud. Trump Foundation? Disolved over fraud. Trump Vodka? Gone. Trump Mortgage? Gone. Trump Magazine? MIA. Trump Airlines? Never made a profit...gone. Builds with Chinese steel. Uses illegal labor then underpays them. His GOP opponents in 2016 all knew this. They warned us but MAGA swallowed the hook, now his GOP nay-sayers suck at the teat of Trump like the rest.

So in Trump's mind what constitutes a "best person" to which he might grant enormous power over our government and out nation? We can see by Trumps long history he never really associated with honorable people except when he could use said associations for his own marketing schemes.

Let me make an educated guess: No moral or ethical standards. Will say or do anything Trump tells them. Will flip flop on a dime to follow Trump's latest Tweet. Will always put their loyalty to Trump ahead of their loyalty to America. Will go go jail to protect him from his own crimes.7

Add willing to endanger American citizens for profit to list of his qualifiiers.

Look at those who he placed in regulatory positions. To a person each seems to have been picked from the ranks of the very industries they are supposed to regulate to protect America from the excesses of those industries. A number already gone under a cloud of fraud and controversy.

Judicial appointment: Trump's first SCOTUS appointee was stolen from Obama by Mitch McConnell, himself a morally corrupt agent of the far right. A head-long rush to stuff the judiciary with those determined to be sympathetic idealogs. In this case he turns to "legal experts" in non-governmental private organizations8 who recommend extremeophile justices to this administration. Over 90% are white. Fortunatly so far most have replaced aging republican appointees so not a lot has changed yet.

Probably the single worst appointment in terms of the danger it poses to our democracy and the rule of law was AG William Barr who has shown his total disdain for justice and our constitution by becoming a blatant propagandist for Trump instead of a trusted captain for American justice.

With numerous clearly felonious instances of obstruction of justice in the Mueller Report9 We know by Mueller's specific words he did NOT exhonorate Trump on any of those offenses. Mueller is an honorable man who felt bound by OLC rules that would prohibit him from accusing a sitting president of criminal acts even as his message to congress was very obvious...Trump commited numerous crimes in office.

There is more...much more... I challange anyone on the far right who can still hold an independent thought to study this for youself. If you HONESTLY investigate all sides of what is taking place and still choose to support Trump...well just know I personally have serious reservations about your loyalty to our nation, our rule of law and the Constitution. I suspect, out of a blind loyalty, you really don't care if Putin may be running our white house and the GOP by remote control...or that even your own freedoms, your financial future, your health and those of your children may be at stake, not just because of what this tyrant of a president says and does but by your own individual refusal to replace your loyalty to Trump a few rungs down the ladder below your loyalty to the United States of America.

Proof abounds to support the old addage that shit floats.


Below sources used as research are not exhaustive. A little time spend on Google search will provide multiple sources for the same basic confirmation.


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