Joe voter for Democracy

Advantage: Putin

The popular hash tag #AllRoadsLeadToPutin has a lot of merit.

While hard evidence is hard to come by ( so far ) there is ample circumstantial evidence to suggest that our "President" is working for two entities neighther of which is to the benefit of the United States or it's citizens. 1. Russia  2. Donald Trump's own ambitions.

Just a list of "events" instigated by Trump and how Putin gained. These are in the order they came to mind...not chronologically.

  • Lifting sanctions on Russian's imposed because of election interference.
  • Lifting sanctions on Russian's imposed because of invasion of Ukraine and seizing of Crimea
  • Obstruction of the Mueller Probe into Russian interference.
  • Trump encouraged Russia to find "Missing emails" of political rival Clinton
  • Firing FBI Director James Comey
  • Denying our own intelligence agencies who unanimously declare Russia tried to hack our elections.
  • Trump tries to undermine NATO and the EU which Putin considers a threat to his global ambitions.
  • Trump praises Putin above our own allies and tries to get him re-admitted to G7 despite Russia's continued occupancy of Crimea.
  • Trying to get GOP to switch positions on supporting opposition to Russian aggression.
  • Trump tries to weaken Ukraine's new democracy for political advantage which also weaken's their position with regard to defending against Russian invasion.
  • Trump promotes unfounded conspiracy theory that appears to have originated from Kremlin, that it was actually Ukraine not Russia that meddled in our 2016 elections.
  • Betrayal of our own allies, the Kurds, who sacrificed about 10,000 of their lives to fight ISIS on our behalf, allowing Turkey to slaughter hundreds. Russia moves in to assume our position and now occupies our own former military installations.

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