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Impeachment of Corrupt Donald J Trump


Trump is on the ropes and despite the opposite intent, Republicans are helping to hang him.

"...what you’re left with from the thousands of pages of deposition transcripts released this week by impeachment investigators is a striking consensus — among Trump administration officials, Democrats and even, to some extent, Republicans — that the United States is currently being run by a toddler."

WAPO Dana Milbank11/8/2019

Every time the Republicans come up with some "defense" they are being blown out of the water by facts.  In none of the hearings has a single GOP member of the house offered any defense against the actual allegations. What they do is distraction, theatrics and misdirection.

The one talking point that Devin Nunez seems to have fixated on makes no logical sense which is pretty much the case for any Republican response.

"...everything is hearsay..."  or "..we demand to question the whistleblower.."

The flaw they refuse to acknowledge is two fold.  The first part of this flaw is that they claim the whistleblower complaint is second hand information..which it is but then demand, despite their disregard for heresay, to interrogate that same person.  As if his testimony is relevant.

Also never mentioned by the right is that everyone with first hand information, fact witnesses they demand, have been prevented from testifying by the very subject of the investigation...Donald Trump.  They are not demanding those witnesses appear even though those are the very persons they complain are missing from the scene.

The Republicans in congress do NOT want to know the facts.

Would a person so accused as Trump be withholding exculpatory evidence?  Would the Republicans be withholding evidence that might offer a valid defense of the president's actions?

No one believes that any of those "forbidden" witnesses have a single defense to offer. To the contrary we all suspect that everything they are hiding is hidden precisely because it is incriminating.

We many not yet know exactly WHAT they are all hiding but we can be certain WHY they are hiding it.

What we know...this is subject to change on a daily basis...and change NOT to Trump's nor Republican advantage.

Mueller Report. Yes that is still a thing though most recently overshadowed by the newer Ukraine scandal. Articles of Impeachment there; Obstruction.

Ukraine. This is the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. When it came to the attention of the public via an anonymous whistleblower complaint from inside the administration, it exposed bribery, extortion and a host of questionable activities by this administration all intended to benefit the person of the president in political and/or financial gains at the expense of our national security.

While I assume most Americans ( the world actually ) knows what is alleged to have taken place I will summarize.


Ukraine elected a new, reform minded president. Russia has been physically attacking Ukraine for several years and seized and currently occupy Crimea, part of Ukraine.  As a new, struggling democracy the United States stepped up to support their fight against agression not only for the sake of Ukraine but as a show of support for Eastern Europe as a signal to Russia to stop taking neighboring territory by military force.  Congress approved MANDATORY military aid to assist Ukraine in it's defense.

Ukraine, as do all former Soviet states, has internal corruption problems. We know that, we are providing help to them to fix that problem.

Burisma is that nation's largest energy company which was headed under the former president by a very corrupt CEO with ties to pro-Russian elements. An investigation was stopped into that person and that company under suspicious circumstances.  He is gone now. Burisma in an effort to clean up it's act replaced it's board of directors including adding Hunter Biden, son of then VP Joe Biden.  Although no actual conflict of interest could be identified there was still the perception that Hunter was hired because of some perceived benefit visa-vi his father's position.

The US had offered billions in loan guarantees ( not direct taxpayer loans ) which would be of great help to a new democracy. But there was a corrupt prosecutor who was stalling investigations into corruption and banks, the EU and the WMF ( World Monetary Fund ) would not consider granting loans without assurances corruption was being curbed. The and the US all wanted that corrupt prosecutor replaced.  As the spokesperson for the American government and by extension, for the EU and the WMF, he made it clear in Ukraine that as long as that prosecutor remained no one would loan Ukraine money.

Since prior to this Burisma was the subject of one probe that this prosecutor had shelved, ( and which remains on the shelf ) this act by Biden, which was in direct support of US Policy and NOT a personal act, this became a feature of conspiracy theories that Biden had used his position to halt investigations of a company of which his son was a board member. Hunter had not joind the board until after the corrupt CEO was ousted.

Trump,with help from our enemy Russia gets elected. Up for re-election as the most disliked president in history ( arguably the most corrupt too ) he want's more foreign help to win re-election and turns to Ukraine. Well sort of. He has decided that he wants political dirt on his, at the time likely opponent, Joe Biden who was leading in the polls. He siezes on conspiracy theories surrounding Ukraine and the Bidens and decides it would be to his political advantage to have the new president of Ukraine to publicly announce a criminal probe into Burisma, and the Bidens.  He claims it is about fighting corruption but no one else is singled out other than two very specific American citizens.  To assure this happens he basically tells Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy  that unless he submits to Trump's demands he will (illegally) stop vital military aid and refuse a promised White House meeting.

Of course this places Zelenskyy in the proverbial "rock and a hard place" as the very lives of his soldiers depend on that aid's arrival.  This is a clandestine operation by Trump and his chum(?) Rudy Giuliani who has no official government position, rather, he is Trump's personal attorney acting in his private interests. This vital aid is suspended until the whistleblower complaint is released. Zalenskyy has yet to be invited to the WH.

In the ensuing weeks the WH releases a summary of the content of the call between the two presidents in which we learn that this "quid pro quo" arrangement has been verified by Trump himself. It is a public admission which he and Republicans still struggle to deny.

Details of this black ops campaign by Trump and his cronies are long and convoluted but as depositions are released and impeachment hearings are held we are beginning to unravel a tangled web of extortion and deceit by this administration all designed for the personal political (and potentially financial) benefit of Trump himself.

The most recent revelation is coming from the Republicans worst nightmare...first hand testimony of an over heard conversation in which Trump himself verifies he is in command of the attempt to bribe Ukraine into helping him with campaign dirt.

This has involved removing key career people from the chain of command to be replaced by compliant appointees willing to do Trump's dirty deeds.  This is an ever evolving drama that I am unable to keep updates on a daily basis.

Even as of this short time frame this corrupt plot could fill a spy novel.


I urge all Americans to keep tabs on the updates on Impeachment Info on US House web site. CLICK


It must also be noted though at this point it is not an officially stated target of the probe, all of these behaviors and actions are playing to the direct benefit of our adversary, Russia and V.Putin.