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Government is not Business

Flint Michigan's children were poisoned by faulty business practices of a Republican administration.  This is a prime example of why the GOP's claim that governments should be run as a business is a false notion.


Richard Dale Snyder is an American politician, business executive, venture capitalist, and accountant. He is the 48th and current Governor of Michigan. A member of the Republican Party


The first attack on the people of Flint came when the Republican administration stripped their city government of power and took over using a GOP created law to allow the state to take over city governments and nullify the resident's votes for who should manage their city.

Using that power, the GOP administration of Michigan took away the citizens of Flint's right to control their own destiny by electing their own government to manage local affairs.  They had no power...stolen by Governor Snyder and his GOP henchmen.

Then applying GOP principles of business before people they chose to poison the citizens of Flint in secret. Had they known they could not have asked their own mayor to help because, thanks to Snyder and a GOP legislature, Flint residents had no representation in their own city.

The presidential election on the GOP side is featuring another adept business man, not a person likely to care what the "little guy" needs or says.  Government is NOT a business for the following reasons, recently made very public by events in Flint Michigan.

(price of product/service )
(taxes for products/service)
  • Maximize profits
  • Charge the most possible for services.
  • Provide the least possible for the price charged
  • Serve the needs of shareholders
    ( who may be spread around the world)
  • Not designed to make profit
  • Charge the least possible for services (taxes)
  • Provide the most possible for the price charged
  • Serve the needs of the taxpayer.

When you run government like a business the goal is not to serve the citizens but to serve the government. Money becomes the prime motivator of actions rather than the welfare of the taxpayers who are obligated to provide that money. In the case of Flint, Michigan the citizens were obligated to pay taxes but had no choice in what was done with their money. The state took their money and decided to save tax dollars by making a decision that resulted in toxic water for the citizens.

Government should NOT be run like a business, it should have to opposite goals, to first provide for the needs of all citizens, with their input and votes, but to base financial needs necessary to provide the services required by the citizens at the most reasonable cost.

Lower taxes are great provided government is not giving away their ability to do what is necessary.