The GOP does love Trump. They love a bully.

The right desperately does not like to lose, not even in a fair fight.  For them winning is more important than anything they would do when they win.

It's not about us or America it's about the prize.  Sound like Trump?

As much as they hate to admit it, the GOP and Trump seem made for each other. Both Trump and the GOP don't care much for women. They are indifferent at best to minorities. Their primary objectives lean toward protecting the rich from the rest of us.

When was the last time Trump did anything for anyone but himself?

When was the last time the GOP did anything for anyone but themselves?

  • Trump is a bully. It shows to anyone who is not blind. Just look at his Twitter wars against non-political persons who's only "crime" is saying anything negative about him. He even attacked a 13 year old contestant on Americas Got Talent for telling a joke about his thin skin. He proved her right!

  • Trump is a bigot. It shows. Listen to his comments. Then look at various legislation passed in GOP legislatures around the nation that attack minorities and their voting rights.

  • Trump Threatens. Cross him and he will sue you. He threatened to sue the women who came forward against him with allegations of sexual misconduct. Now the GOP House is making threats against not just Clinton but against the American People that if they don't get their way they will continue to obstruct Congress.

Neither represent all Americans, both have selected their chosen and declared war against anyone who does not agree with their ideology.

What do YOU want? More go-nowhere politics or progress. The GOP promises to go backwards not forward. They promise to do nothing if they don't get their own way every time. They promise to make the rich even wealthier and take your health care away and turn it back to the insurance lobbby to do with as they wish.