Off the Grid?

Can you really go off the grid
and stay online?

It's kind of like hyper-miling.  You can drive in a way that makes for very good mileage but it can take a long time to get there and you really have to work at it.

There are ways to surf online without paying for an ISP to connect you. You can "fudge" identity enough to sign up for free dial up but you still need to get plugged into a phone line.  I will leave how or where you do that up to you.  People have been known to clip on to a neighbors line but I don't recommend's illegal.

First you will need an email.  Start with a free, secure anonymous email account from or such similar provider.

NetZero, Juno,  and some regional services offer free dial up internet.  Even if you're not going dark, signing up may be helpful for checking critical email should your regular broadband service go down for some reason.  Of course if you have DSL and your phone line is out you also can't use dial up.  Here is a site with links to the free services.

Pay cash for a "burner phone" with pay as you go data plan.  Check Walmart, Dollar stores etc. No ID required, pay cash to reload. Not the cheap way but still private depending on what you say or do while using the service.  Get a smart phone so you can use a VPN as well as adding TOR and you are all set.  Privacy is not just for bad guys. Some plans permit you to use your phone as a hot spot to connect your wifi laptop etc.

Pull into most Wendy's, McDonalds and a slew of other free sources of WiFi.  Many will require you access by providing either an email or phone number.  This is where your private email and burner phone come in handy.  Surf away via your VPN.

If you are lucky you live next door to an open WiFi or in a cardboard box behind McDonalds. They may let you charge up inside if you buy a burger or two.

Many public libraries have internet access. Use requirements vary and you can't install software like a VPN but you can use a free online proxy in most cases.  Some library computers have filters to prevent access to certain content but we assume that won't matter...right?

For the really paranoid you can also purchase a pretty cheap VPN service via Bitcoin ! ( see link at right )

Hey people who travel via motor home use some of these same tricks as to others who must travel a lot.  Why not use them at home too!