Trump has proved himself a bully.

Time and again he has taken to Twitter to express his rage at even the slightest provocation. This is childish and unacceptable behavior in a world leader.

Where else do we see this type of vindictive behavior in other national leaders, often with deadly consequences. Kim Jun-Un comes to mind, systematically killing people who oppose or even criticize him. Recently made it a crime to use sarcasm when referring to him.

His hero, Putin (he is being investigated by the FBI for connections to Putin now) has had opponents assassinated.

Right now Trump is pretty much limited to rants, raves and social media to attack anyone who offends his thin-skinned sensibilities. Bad, but just the typical bullying we see every day online from those with juvenile personalities of all ages.

Imagine this Trump when he has access to far more powerful tools to get his revenue. Will he suddenly “grow up” to where he can resist using the FBI and IRS to “teach a lesson” to anyone who says something about him he does not like. How about our military might as a “lesson” to nations who oppose something he says?

We can imagine the FBI knows a lot of stuff about a lot of people. J.Edgar Hoover was known to use his position to pressure (blackmail) people to his view. Imagine Trump digging into members of congress using his resources to blackmail to get votes on his agenda.

He scares the hell out of me because because of his impetuous behavior and penchant for vengeance at the slightest provocation. The thought of handing him powerful weapons and agencies as powerfull bullying tools should scare everyone.


-- Just a few examples -- Imagine if he had the power of the FBI and IRS to attack same people. --