State Secrets and the Constitution

These two sometimes don't fit well. 

In the wake of 911, President Bush and Congress, in a knee jerk response to terror, enacted the Patriot Act. In typical fashion when they want to do evil they give it a "patriotic name" for the same reason children's vitamins are candy coated.  Makes us WANT to take them without asking.


This is a great story of one man who was effectively gagged under threat of prosecution and required to hand over personal information about one of his customers. This was done by the FBI with no court order and nothing more than a "National Security Letter" demanding the invasion as well as issuing a gag order that would even prevent him from seeking advice of his own attorney.

These letters used to be rare but after the Patriot Act the FBI flooded Americans with "search warrants" and gag orders all without the constitutionally required oversight of the courts.  This was a direct assault and offense to all Americans and to our Constitution.

The ACLU took this on because one brave person decided to talk despite the risk.  The courts threw the law out the door, a law Congress should have known was unconstitutional in the first place, in fact after it was thrown out by the courts Congress tried to put it back again! 

Talk about ignoring your oath of office !

Here is his story. CLICK HERE !


It is a shame that we effectively banish our heroes like Edward Snowden, to Russia! How much more illegal spying would we be subjected to had he know had the courage to blow the whistle on our own government's unconstitutional acts targeting their own citizens.

Petition on Whitehouse to Pardon Snowden