Election 2024

This could be the make or break election for America's free and fair elections.

In 2021, Former president Trump and his agents tried to bring an end our right to choose our own leaders by orchestrating a coup.

It failed in part due to many in his own administration who still believe in our constitution and threw up road blocks along the way. Should Trump or someone in his image gain power, they will have learned from the first bungled attempt.  They could succeed it bringing and end to our republic as we know it.

Let there be no doubt. Trump's MAGA do not want to hold on to their own freedoms. They think they would come out ahead in a Trumpian dictatorship but they don't understand the dangers of this experiment. If they get their wish, they lose the ability to change their minds when things go south.

You cannot "experiment" with a dictatorship...it's a one way trip!

Vote Blue 2024. Only the left has consistently upheld and fought for your right to vote.