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Drain the Swamp

It is a cry from Trump and supporters I agree with.  Very Much so.


Trump is just a different swamp. Perhaps stinkier than what we have now. (opinion)

But if the Donald really thinks he is going to drain any swamp he is sadly mistaken, or as in 75% of his statements, just a fable, his supporters will be in for a surprise.

Let's play what if.  Donald is elected (not likely) but what if. And what if the GOP retains control of the Senate.  Do any readers here really think that the GOP will pass anything to drain their own swamp they have so carefully crafted for years?

Term limits: I like the idea that won't happen. It would require amending the constitution which the president cannot do.  Congress must pass an amendment by 2/3 majority in both House and Senate.

Then the governor of each state submits to their legislature for a vote and 3/4 of those states must also approve.

Neither the President nor the Supreme Court have any roll in the process. ( also debunks Trumps statement about Hillary abolishing 2nd Amendment with the help of her new justices )

Money in Politics:  This feeds the swamp.  Donald is part of the money problem of buying political access, not a solution. He is using his wealth to attempt to purchase his way to the White House.

A conservative court, along party lines, ruled that money is speach in Citizens United, opening the floodgates of special interests access to Congress and local Lawmakers. It may require another amendment to solve all of that problem. Does anyone really think any GOP member of congress will cut their own financial throats to "drain the swamp"?  Hell no.

As much as we are hating our system now, it still contains the means to change it, at least until it has totally sold out to the top 1%.  It's still better than many political systems around the world. We have to work with what we have and elect people willing to take on the status quo. 

Trump says he is that person but he's rooting for the side that won't do it.

Prolog Election Result:


Trump won. We lose.  If he had really wanted to drain the swamp as he stated, where was his message to followers to NOT re-elect the same swamp?  Congress (and it's cadre of wealthy groupies) IS the swamp. We as voters always had that power and refused to exercise it.  I have long called to "re elect no one" yet the same despised Congress is put right back in Washington time and time again.

How STUPID are we as voters?

Source: US Archives