It is true!

Everyone is spying on you.

By what ever method you access the internet, there will be someone trying to watch what you do, where you go, what you say and most important, to find as much personal information about you and your family as possible.

You are vulnerable by all of these means.

Your PC and smart phone: Web browser and emails.

Smart phone apps, social media, maps, games, email, just about any app you choose to install may be collecting information about you and your daily habits.*

Your phone is a tracking device that can log your every move.

One of the biggest leaks of your personal data you are giving up yourself. Social Media.

People gripe when something on social media does not work...they cannot seem to find any support.  There is a reason Facebook, Twitter etc. don't provide any meaning support options. YOU ARE NOT A CUSTOMER ! YOU ARE THEIR PRODUCT! You and other users are given the privilege of dishing out all your personal information and your eye so they can sell ads and data to actual paying customers. They get support.


* A note to conspiracy fools who worry that the "government wants to put a chip in me to track me..." Doh! If you own a cell phone you are willingly taking that "chip" everywhere you go!