Trump Won the Election, what did we win?

Did anyone else win?  McCatchy said this morning, "Trump will begin his presidency as one of the most distrusted, disliked men ever to occupy the White House. Nearly 2 of 3 people in network exit polls said he was not honest or trustworthy, and 60 percent viewed him unfavorably." 1

One aspect of the Trump battle cry was "Drain the Swamp".  Never happen.

We the People have always held the power to drain the swamp but refused to do so. Instead we elect a neophyte based on his promise to do for us what we would not do for ourselves.

Americans are politiclly ignorant and lazy and this election prove it.  Why?!  Why would voters insiste that Trump drain the swamp then reelect the same swamp again? They voted Trump in, while they were in the polls, why did those same disgruntled voters keep the same swamp in Congress?

There is an old saying. "You get what you pay for." In this case you bought a line and swallowed the sinker all while ignoring the one thing you could have done to start pulling the plug.

Now Mr. ( I will never refer to him as president ) Trump has a lot to prove now that he successfully bought the highest office in the land.  

I hope he has his magic want polished.

Some of his expensive pledges:  

  • Drain the Swamp. ( see my article here )
  • A new, better cheaper medical system for all. 2 
  • An expensive wall that Mexico already confirmed they will NOT pay for.
  • Rebuilt our roads and bridges
  • Restore our inner cities
  • Destroy ISIS (If the generals know nothing who you going to get?)
  • Go to China and bring back 70,000 factories
  • Deport 11 million people. ( devistating agriculture in US? Tearing families apart?)
  • Drastically cut our income as a nation (tax cuts for rich)
  • Reduce our national debt

     It is hard to see how any of his "non" plans can work given his plan includes many costly projects undertaken on top of cutting taxes and reducing the cash flow. Virtually every economist who has studied these objectives (minus any actual plan from Trump) and concluded it would drastically increase our national debt.

Ball is in your court now Mr. Trump. Show us what you got!


1. McClatchy

2. Healthcare industry ( primarily Insurance ) assumes repeal of Obama Care and its protections for patients. This is good for their profits because this could allow them to return to denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, restore caps on payments, price-gouge medicine and drop expensive patients while increasing premiums for those it chooses to keep. We still have no clue what Trumps plan is because he refused to outline any plan when both candidates were asked. LA Times