Dealing with the Devil

First Concern:  Social Security and Medicare. ( I would become homeless without these myself. I'm 71 )

Trump promised the American People he would not touch those. The Republicans hate anything if it cuts into tax breaks for the rich and would really like to eliminate these programs. More likely they would first cut them then turn them into yet another insurance company windfall, introducing a profit motive in caring for our elderly. Look how well that turned out for health care in the past.

So will the Donald keep his promise? (loyalty?) or will the GOP play "let's make a deal" and get Trump to agree to letting the GOP enact it's worst plans in exchange for helping him enact his worst plans?

Obamacare ACA:  Well I will give the Donald credit on one thing, he is demanding a replacement for health care along with repeal. We know it took a very long time to agree on the original so this may mean ACA remains for now despite GOP's hatred of anything for the rest of us. ( It's always about $$ first ) Will the D stick to his plans?

The GOP want's repeal, no replace. Had they wanted replacement with "better" where have they hidden their plan each time the House voted to repeal 50 or so times in the past?

The GOP's "plan" is to place us all back at the mercy (LOL) of health insurance companies who's duty is to maximize profits not provide the best care.

It is clear to anyone who's real goal is health care, not profit, that ONLY single payer will ever work. Even ACA is an Insurance plan not an actual health care system.

I really can't see either of them having much good in store for average Americans.

Ask yourself, or make a list.  Of the grand plans the GOP has now that they think they have total power, which of those plans will have a negative impact on the rich?

Yea I though so. Short list. Zero?