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Covid Pandemic



What comes next and what will we learn?

We see a president more concerned with his political survival than the survival of American citizens. I won’t rehash all the lies, half truths, misdirection, and diminution of the facts concerning our current pandemic. I’m sure you’ve heard them over and over on news and social media.

What amazes me is that a substantial portion of our population believes his lies to the extent of endangering themselves, their loved ones and others in the community.

In authoritarian nations the virus is being used as an excuse to institute some draconian measures. Some may be warranted on a short term basis to contain the spread but under those governments there is no guarantee those restrictions will go away with the virus. So far Trump has resisted that siren call at least in part due to our constitution and the distributed nature of our government. Individual states remain free to administer to their people with or without federal help/meddling.

The danger in this “system” is that with a nationwide crisis we need a nationwide response. We already see some of our governors pandering to profit over safety such as Alabama governor Kay Ivey (R) has countermanded local jurisdictions attempts to contain virus spread. Florida’s republican governor Ron DeSantis has been dragging his feet on a response despite being fully in the virus cross hairs with a huge vulnerable elderly population and sub-standard access to health care for many citizens.

The weakness in this lack of a central brain is and will remain a haphazard and deadly response that will continue to encourage the spread of the disease.

There may be grim as well as positive repercussions of such a system-wide failure of leadership at the top.

The grim is obvious. Maybe 200,000 or more Americans in body bags.

The potential for positive long term outcome is more about policy, politics and public awareness.

The lack of central coordination, of adequate stockpiles in light of being forewarned about such a pandemic for years, has illuminated or sad lack of preparedness to the nation. Trump administration itself conducted a pandemic scenario last year called “Crimson Contagion” which offered a frighting glimpse of what would ( not might ) happen. It’s warnings were ignored. The NSA had warned Trump about this serious flaw in our nations ability to respond. It’s warnings were ignored.

I believe that the next administration will be democratic and will try to address as much of these inadequacies with the help of congress.

This is an opportunity to demonstrate by sad example why we need a national health care system that belongs to the people not to private for-profit corporations.

The outcome of any healthcare system must be guided by health not wealth.

One outcome could be a realization that some degree of democratic socialism and a national health care system might actually be something we want as a nation for our own survival.

On a cynical note, we see the president promoting lies, misinformation and political bile that is predominantly followed by his compliant base.

As long as the more responsible citizen takes what Trump says with a gain of salt if not outright disdain, they will do what’s necessary despite rantings from the White House, they will survive. His base, on the other hand, believing what ever drips from his lips, will take risk that may cost many of them their own lives. The result could be a demonstration of evolution at work. The stupid die leaving the smart to take over.

This may also impact religious fringes who believe you can “cast out” the devil Covid with words.

Recently in Tampa a preacher was actually arrested for filling his church with the “stupid” in defiance of stay-at-home orders. Jerry Falwell reopened his Liberty University in defiance of similar warnings and now a number of his students may have the disease. Another pastor in Tony Spell in Louisiana defied governors orders on gathering and pulled in another 1,800 plus of the stupid.

Even as they claim their prayers are all powerful, they don’t seem to ask why the same “God” they ask to shield them, gave them this virus in the first place. Enjoy your faith but don’t count on it to alter mother nature or protect your family and communities from your careless disregard.

Can you explain why better safe than sorry is not something you abide by?

To all who read this I just offer this simple idea.

Play it just might live!