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Was Comey a GOP sleeper agent in the Obama Administration

I am begining to think (conspiracy theory in training) that Comey may be acting with specific political intent.


( UPDATE: Harry Reid appears to share my view. Here is his letter to Director Comey suggesting as much. CLICK to download the PDF . Lets send a copy to the FBI as a reminder )

Of course I don't blame the Republicans for trying to make as much of this as possible for obvious reasons. Trump has already started a new rumor mill based on nothing but his imagination.

Most people are already tired of this discussion. Most people on either side have already made up their minds. I don't think this is going to matter much.

Trump has no more idea of the "new emails" than does anyone else, yet he is alreadying claiming it is evidence of corruption and "bigger than Watergate". Facts don't matter.

When I say "Facts Dont Matter" I mean that literaly.  Politifact.com has rated all the candidates since the primaries.  The conclusion is that ALL politicians lie.

But let's compare those currently running for President.


  • Clinton True 69% of the time, false 10%
  • Trump True 13% of the time / false 34%.


The sad fact is that Trump supporters simply don't care or don't bother to examine their candidates words.

Now to the theory.

Comey is a Republican. He was appointed FBI Director by Obama as an appeasement to the GOP.  Now this email thing has gone on for over a year. Comey begrudgingly concluded that there was no case but he could not resist setting aside protocol to add his own personal comments about Clinton.  Professional LEA people don't do that. It is unprofessional and taints their position as impartial.

Now this same diretor tries to throw voters an October suprize with nothing more than a cryptic letter to Congress behind the back of his superior, the Attorney General.  His actions were not approved and not in keeping with his professional position and lead one to suspect that he is using his official position for political purposes, a sure sign of corruption in high office with possible national and international consequences.

Why would Comey do these things when they are never done in any other investigation?  Did he get some promise from either the GOP, Congress or the Trump people if he used his position to attempt to influence the election process?

Is he just dumb?  Which do you think most likely. Dumb or in the GOP pocket?