Trump is proving why he is unsuited for office.

We seem stuck with an ego-maniac for at least four years. We were warned, now we all suffer.

Listening to Trump's puppet Kellyane Conway today. Of course she is paid to be his mouthpiece and I would never expect her to say anything sensible. In fact it would be impossible to take Trump's position on most things and still speak about those in any sensible manner.  Trump and logic parted ways long ago.

Case in point is his bull-headed refusal to listen to facts when they don't fit his personal opinions. Russians tried to hack and influence our elections. That is pretty close to an act of war.  Trump supports Putin, not America in this cyber-invasion.

Conway, of course, keeps doing her best to blame this on Democrats even as every singe senator on both sides of the isle agree Russia (not democrats) have meddled.  Conway assures us Trump is getting daily updates from General Flynn.  What's the point if he continues to refuse facts in favor of his ego-centric mind set?

If you show the same reports to 200 senators and to one general how can you even think that general will arrive at a different conclusion based on same reports?  Oh, I know. Flynn is a Trump toady hired because he will tell Trump what ever he wants to hear with little regard to fact.  If on the other hand Flynn is actually giving Trump the same information the senate relied on, one has to wonder what's wrong in Trumps mind that he still refuses what everyone else knows?

Trump is upset with Obama for actually standing up to Russia. The senate, with non-partisan and almost universal support for Obama in this is united with Trump the only person standing on the side of Russia.  Did we elect a secret Czar? Does Putin have some dirt on Trump he can use to blackmail our president-elect?  Is this why Trump is so opposed to investigating election tampering?

This is dangerous. How can we trust a leader who chooses his aids based on their willingneess to pander to his personal beliefs rather than deliver the hard truth. If they do bring him facts and he refuses them how can he make safe and sound decisions that can have a major impact on our nations future?

Can we afford a leader who is okay with foreign powers meddling with our democracy so long as that meddleing helps him?

Not even sworn in and already I'm very scared for America's future.

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